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    Traffic Updates

    August 2014

     I know that the traffic situation can try your patience on most days! Please remain calm and of good cheer, we are all concerned with the safety of 700 students and the many other community members. Listed below is the basic plan we are following with regard to traffic. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

     Jeff Kubiak, Principal


    Drive-Through Lane and Parking in Front of School:

    1. The lane next to the curb is only for dropping off and picking up students. The driver needs to remain with the car, so that he/she can keep moving forward.

    (Tell your children to walk toward the exit on the sidewalk, and you’ll move forward to meet them.) The teachers motioning you forward are just trying to expedite the traffic flow and bring in others behind you, even if you don’t see them immediately. Please follow their direction. Sometimes that will mean that your child will need to walk forward to meet you. In the afternoon, the pick-up area is only after you pass the crosswalk or marquee.

    1. After picking up your child along the curb, you may pull out of the pick-up lane and move to the left into the drive-through lane. For safety reasons, students may not be picked up while a vehicle is in the drive-through lane.
    2. If a 20-minute parking spot is available, you may leave your car, and go meet your children. ALWAYS use the crosswalk when walking your children back to your car.

    Employee Parking Lot:

    1. Before school, please DO NOT use Employee Parking Lot. We have over 40 staff members and others are coming and going throughout the day, we don’t have room to accommodate others. If you just want to drop off children and leave, this is not the spot for you because it makes too much traffic exiting into the crossing guard area and too much backing up in the lot where children are walking, which makes a dangerous situation.
    2. After school, YOU MAY park in the Employee Parking Lot if space is available, and then walk to meet your children.

    Bus Zone:

    1. Buses have priority in this zone.
    2. Before school, no one may use the bus zone except the buses. Even if the zone is empty, do not pull in.
    3. After school, buses still have priority. However, childcare vehicles that have registered with the office may also pull into the zone. There is room for four childcare vans on the left side of the zone. Drivers may not leave their vehicles. They, too, must be prepared to move forward when there is room. 

    Crossing Guards:

    1. Please pay close attention to the student and adult crossing guards at either end of the school. They are trying to ensure a safe crossing for all pedestrians.
    2. The crossing guard near the bus zone may also direct you to clear the intersection so that a bus can exit from the bus zone. 

    Street Parking:

    1.      Parking on the street near the school can be a great option. You can either walk to
    meet your children or have them meet you. Just remember not to block our neighbors’ driveways and always use the crosswalk.

    2.      Also, please do not wait in your vehicle in the street next to a parked car. That causes a dangerous situation, making it difficult for others to see or navigate around you… as well as for your child to cross another car to get to your vehicle. 

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