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Rolling Hills News

100 Grand Club Members

Aaron T. 3rd-Ms. Rees
Kearsten S. 3rd-Mrs. Ratterman
Sonia Dosanjh 1st-Mrs. Corley
Calonni H. 2nd-Ms. Gleitsman
Gabriel B. 2nd-Ms. Rees
Tiara S. 3rd-Ms. Titus
Jessica B. 2nd-Ms. Gleitsman
Nathan N. 2nd-Ms. Gleitsman
Avery P. 3rd-Mrs. Ratterman
Dildeep S. 3rd-Mrs. Ratterman
Raymond G. 3rd-Ms. Titus
Jazlyn B. 3rd-Ms. Titus
Maya S. 1st-Mrs. Corley
Bodie S. 1st-Mrs. Corley
Alayna D. 3rd-Ms. Titus
DarlaMay D. 3rd-Ms. Titus
Jazilyce S. 3rd-Ms. Titus
Isabella D. 3rd-Ms. Titus
Isaiah R. 3rd.-Ms. Titus
Klaudine C. 2nd-Mrs. Rosenthal
Eduardo A. 2nd-Mrs. Rosenthal
Dakota K. 2nd-Mrs. Johnson
Richard L. 2nd-Mrs. Johnson
Matiana E. 2nd-Mrs. Johnson
Alexander P. 2nd-Mrs. Johnson
Peyton H. 2nd-Mrs. Johnson
Jaiden B. 2nd-Mrs. Johnson
Xavier P.2nd-Mrs. Johnson
Maria V. 2nd-Mrs. Johnson
Jaden D. 3rd-Ms. Titus
Alexis N. 3rd-Ms. Titus
Jonathan Z. 3rd-Ms. Titus
Akinjide B. 2nd-Ms. Gleitsman
Ambrose P. 2nd-Mrs. Johnson
Ytzel A. 3rd-Mrs. Morris
Jordan P. 3rd-Mrs. Morris
Audrey S. 3rd-Mrs. Ratterman
Kailee M. 2nd-Ms. Gleitsman
Marissa V. 3rd-Ms. Rees
Natalie L. 3rd-Mrs. Ratterman
Serenity G. 2nd-Mrs. Johnson
Nevaeh S. 2nd-Mrs. Johnson
Ebony L. 2nd-Mrs. Johnson
Elijah L. 3rd-Mrs. Morris
Kevin K. 3rd-Mrs. Ratterman
Joshua R. 3rd-Mrs. Ratterman
Bilal A. 3rd-Mrs. Ratterman
Carson B. 2nd-Mrs. Rosenthal
Ellie P. 1st-Mrs. Woltersdorf
Liam M. 2nd-Ms. Gleitsman
Nina V. 3rd-Ms. Rees
Kaelyn Mc. 3rd-Mrs. Ratterman
Kellan B. 1st-Mrs. Corley
Theodore H. 2nd-Ms. Gleitsman
Love C. 2nd-Mrs. Johnson
Michael S. 2nd-Mrs. Johnson
Malik S. 3rd-Mrs. Morris
Diana V. 3rd-Mrs. Morris
Alynah A. 3rd-Mrs. Ratterman
Kairi S. 3rd-Mrs. Ratterman
Jovanni D 2nd-Mrs. Johnson
Jennah R. 3rd-Ms. Rees
Alexis O. 3rd-Ms. Rees
Kyla G. 2nd-Mrs. Rosenthal
Bryson T. 2nd-Mrs. Rosenthal
Sarah S. 2nd-Mrs. Rosenthal
Holly K. 2nd-Mrs. Rosenthal
Aleyna D. 2nd-Mrs. Rosenthal
Isabella Mc. 1st-Mrs. Woltersdorf
Johnathan P. 2nd-Ms. Gleitsman
Jack V. 2nd-Ms. Rees
Larry L. 3rd.-Ms. Rees
Logan B. 2nd-Mrs. Rosenthal
Savannah E. 3rd-Mrs. Morris
Reese B.3rd-Mrs. Morris
Ashley S. 2nd-Ms.Gleitsman
Criston A. 2nd-Ms. Gleitsman
Josue P. 3rd-Ms. Titus
Micah S. 2nd-Mrs. Rosenthal
Tyler M. 3rd-Mrs. Ratterman
Logan B. 1st-Mrs. Corley
Zy-Unnia B. 3rd-Mrs. Morris
Gabriel R. 2nd-Ms. Rees
Emory C. 3rd-Ms. Titus
Gabrielle R. 3rd-Mrs. Ratterman
Jordan P. 3rd-Mrs. Morris
Nia R. 2nd-Mrs. Johnson
Jaya M. 3rd-Mrs. Ratterman
Ava G. 3rd-Mrs. Ratterman
Tyler R. 3rd-Ms. Titus
Justin R 3rd-Ms. Titus
Matthew G. 3rd-Ms. Titus
Katherine Z. 1st-Mrs. Bryan
Noah S. 3rd-Mrs. Morris
Jaena F. 3rd-Mrs. Morris
Savannah M. 3rd-Mrs. Morris
Anabelle M. 3rd-Mrs. Morris
Devin C. 3rd-Mrs. Ratterman
Maya C. 3rd-Mrs. Ratterman
Alex F. 3rd-Mrs. Ratterman
Edison S. 3rd-Mrs. Ratterman
Kiah S. 3rd-Ms. Rees
Jacob W. 2nd-Ms. Rees
Audrey H. 2nd-Ms. Rees
Ariah W. 2nd-Mrs. Rosenthal
Jaelina V. 2nd-Mrs. Johnson
Anthony G. 3rd-Mrs. Morris
Joshua P. 3rd-Mrs. Morris
Autumn C. 3rd-Mrs. Ratterman
Sophia L. 3rd-Mrs. Morris
Natalie S. 3rd-Mrs. Ratterman
Allison T. 2nd-Ms. Gleitsman
Elijah V., 2nd-Mrs. Rosenthal
Phoebe A., 3rd-Ms. Titus
Ian A., 2nd-Mrs. Johnson
Nathan W., 3rd-Mrs. Morris
Kira C., 3rd-Mrs. Morris
Ryan B., 2nd-Mrs. Rosenthal
Skyler S., 2nd-Mrs. Rosenthal
Tarel J., 3rd-Ms. Titus
Kailaya F.,3rd grd-Mrs. Morris
Emelia G., 2nd grd-Mrs. Johnson
Emily L., 3rd grd-Mrs. Ratterman
Nicholas B., 3rd grd.-Mrs. Ratterman
Sarah M., 2nd grd.- Mrs. Johnson
Sydney P., 3rd grd.-Ms. Titus
Nicholas B, 3rd grd-Mrs. Ratterman
Evgeniya D., 2nd grd-Ms. Gleitsman
Madison M., 1st grd-Ms. Bromberg
Ender S., 2nd grd-Ms. Gleitsman
Blane S., 3rd Grd -Mrs. Morris
Riya M., 3rd grd-Mrs. Morris
Andrea V., 3rd grd-Mrs. Morris
Tamilore O., 3rd grd-Mrs. Morris
Wilfred'o D., 3rd grd-Mrs. Morris
Justin S., 3rd grd-Mrs. Morris
Allen B., 3rd grd- Ms. Rees
Jordan D., 2nd grd-Mrs. Rosenthal
Morgan M., 2nd grd-Mrs. Rosenthal
Isabelle B., 2nd grd-Mrs. Rosenthal 
Annie B., Kinder- Mrs. Elledge
Lily K., 1st grd -Mrs. Corley
Logan B., 1st grd-Mrs. Corley
Tyler M., 2nd grd-Ms. Gleitsman
Brynnleigh T., 2nd grd -Ms. Gleitsman
Jalen C., 2nd grd-Mrs. Johnson
Charles G., 2nd grd-Mrs. Johnson 
William Mc. 2nd grd-Mrs. Johnson
Kylie P., 2nd grd-Mrs. Rosenthal
Robert K., 2nd grd-Mrs. Rosenthal
Daniel H., 2nd grd-Mrs. Rosenthal
Leah P., 2nd grd-Ms. Rees
Alexander S., 2nd grd-Ms. Rees
Zahara Q., 3rd grd-Ms. Rees
Carter B., 2nd grd-Ms. Rees
Sophia G., 3rd grd-Ms. Titus
Trevor d., 3rd grd-Ms. Titus
Megan F., 3rd grd-Mrs. Morris
Aria K., 3rd grd-Mrs. Morris
Chris B., 3rd grd-Mrs. Ratterman




Dear Parents and Guardians,

It has been an incredibly wonderful experience being back at Rolling Hills working with your children. I am leaving at the end of the year and the district is in the process of hiring a new principal. Several of our staff members were selected to sit on the interviewing committee and as soon as we know who this person is I will inform you.

Numerous end of the year events are calendared and I want to make sure that you are aware of these. First and foremost our fifth graders will be promoted along with our sixth graders as Rolling Hills Elementary will become a kindergarten through fifth grade school next year. The promotion of both classes is scheduled for Wednesday June 3rd at 2:00 o’clock and will take place in the quad. If you are a parent/guardian of a fifth or sixth grade student more information will be coming to you from your student’s teacher.

We are adding a Transitional Kindergarten (TK) next year. This is a class for students who turn five between September first and December first. Registration for this class takes place at the district office. This class is scheduled to begin at 8:00 am and end at 11:20 am. The TK class will follow the school calendar as far as the date it begins and ends. Jennifer Hobbs who currently teaches a fifth/sixth grade combo class will be the teacher.

Officer Joe Uchishiba is giving a parent class on Internet Safety on Thursday April 16th at 6:00 pm in our school library. I encourage all of you to attend as we have had issues of cyber bullying on our campus and an awareness of internet safety helps us safeguard our children. Officer Joe is an incredible person who gives up his free time to work with our 5th and 6th grade students every Friday.

State Testing will begin this week and there will be testing going on until the 21st of May. Different grade levels are testing at different times. Fifth graders are taking the Science CST this week. The following test schedule will be used:


·         Third Grade     Monday May 11th           through             Thursday May 21st

·         Fourth Grade    Monday April 20th         through             Friday May 1st

·         Fifth Grade      Wednesday April 29th   through Monday May 11th

·         Sixth Grade      Tuesday May 11th          through Thursday May 21st             

Attendance during testing periods is extremely important and I encourage you to avoid student absences during this time. It is also very important that all students are in their seats on time during testing. If students come late they will not be allowed to enter their classroom or take the test with their classmates. They must make-up the test at a later time.

Mad Science is coming to Rolling Hills. The theme for this session is NASA: Journey into Outer Space. The classes will be held on Tuesdays from 2:50 until 3:50 pm and will begin on April 21st and end on May 26th. Remember classes fill up fast so enroll ASAP if you are interested. The price is $84.95 for each student until April 14 and then jumps to $94.95 after the 14th. You can register on line at sacramento.madscience.org.

Our school carnival is coming on Saturday April 25th and will run from 11:00 to 2:00 pm. The carnival should be a lot of fun as there will be carnival games, face painting, bounce house, dunk tank, sumo wrestling, prizes and a lot of food. Please come and bring your entire family for a great time.

The end of the year book fair will begin on May 8th and end on May 15th. This is an excellent time to buy books for summer reading at a reduced price. Our school benefits greatly from this event and we encourage your support.

Our student talent show will take place on April 29th at 8:30 am in the quad. Families are welcome to attend this event. The students have been working hard on their performances and I’m sure they would appreciate you being here.

April 30th is the last day for students to record their AR word count. Our students who meet their goal and our 100grand and million word club students will be honored at a rally on April 15th.

            Music Matters is looking forward to a wonderful new year of music enrichment for our children in the 2015-2016 school year. It is not too early to plan now to assure your children enjoy the best opportunities to succeed next year. Did you know that 2 hours a week of musical instruction improves academic outcomes? Researchers sometimes call this “the musician’s advantage”. Music instruction strengthens neuropathways used in operations of the brain associated with other academic activity including math and reading. Learn more about opportunities for music training at our school at yacmusic.org/music-matters.

WHEW!!! There’s a lot going on at Rolling Hills. Please mark your calendars and join in the fun. We appreciate your support and enjoy visiting with you at our school events.  If you have questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call our office.


Thank You, 

Rona Portalupi,Principal

Rolling Hills Elementary


Technology Integration at Rolling Hills
Dear Families,
As we continue to transition into a 21st Century Model School, and develop our capacity to integrate technology,  it is important that you know what to look for as an effective model.  We use the SAMR Model to guide us in our use of technology.  The main purpose behind the SAMR model is to ensure that we are not just replacing a piece of paper with a fancy device.  When students are given the opportunity to experience learning in a redefined way, they are truly being given an edge on what is to come in the future.   One example of how we are accomplishing this at Rolling Hills is through the opportunity to Code in the classroom as a means of problem solving.  Coding has occurred at every grade level, even Kindergarten!  Collaboration through the use of Google Drive, Edmodo and Nearpod are in full swing too.  Students get the opportunity to receive flipped learning lessons that allow them to go back and relearn anything they didn't understand the first time through the use of Khan Academy and other online resources. Students use QR Codes to display recorded or video book reports. NextLesson provides excellent real world problems to solve that are relevant and meaningful to our students.  
Please give our school money through Target by going to this link and liking them on Facebook!  http://givewith.target.com/ 

Lunch Menus will no longer be sent home.  We will have a link to the current menu for you to view or download.  Thank you for continuing to support our efforts to go paperless.  Link: School Lunch Menu

Are you following the Principal on Twitter yet?  @rhredhawk


Traffic Safety

Pick up and Drop Off Information
1. Traffic laws must be obeyed.  Drivers cannot stay at the stop sign until there is room to pull forward on the curb.  If you are at the stop sign and it is your turn to go, you must go.  If there is a spot to stop on the curb, you can pull in.  If there is not, you must go around the block.  You can receive a ticket from the Fairfield Police Department if you stay at the stop sign.
2. Your children are asked to stand beyond the "Pull Forward" sign.  We do this so everyone will pull forward and allow for as many cars to fit along the curb as possible.  This helps traffic move more quickly.  
3. The curb in front of the school is a no parking zone.  No one should leave their car parked there.  This creates a huge delay for all other drivers and delays traffic. 4.  The driveways are a no parking zone and are enforced by the Fairfield Police Department.
Disabled Parking
If you have a disability/handicapped placard and have business in the school when the gates are locked, you can call 399-9566 and we will open the gate for you to park in the handicapped parking.  If you are picking up or dropping off a student, it should be done at the curb.   

To Parents

Welcome to Rolling Hills Elementary!  
We are pleased are a part of our Redhawk community. Your child will learn how to raise his or her own expectations of achievement through REACH,  be a part of the first stages of the new Common Core Standards and learn more than he or she ever has before.
We have a REACH 21 culture at Rolling Hills. REACH 21 is about Resilience, Effort, Aspirations, Change and Happiness as well as meeting the needs of students in the 21st Century .  The REACH culture will support our students in engaging in continuous improvement, never giving up,  setting goals, being happy about learning, finding out what it takes to achieve at higher levels and having an attitude that no matter what the challenge, they can REACH to achieve it.  
Supporting children in developing higher expectations for themselves has been shown to have impact achievement greatly.  Student expectations have the most influence over what students can achieve, even more so than teachers, parents and principals.  If a child believes him or herself to be able to achieve no more than a "C" or an "S", then it is very likely that they will in fact achieve at that level.  The key is in their mindset. Research tells us that students who have a fixed mindset, meaning they believe that the level of intelligence they have is what they were born with and that they have little to no hope of changing that, will practice less, put forth less effort and sometimes misbehave to distract themselves from any feelings of failure they might be experiencing.  The fixed mindset is absolutely invalid.  All students can learn at high levels given the right kind of instruction and the level of support they need.  The growth mindset, the belief that intelligence comes from hard work, effort and the knowledge that I may not know it now, but I can learn it, is what we strive to instill in our students.  Having higher expectations for themselves also comes from knowing what the learning objective is and being able to identify their own goals as they relate to that learning objective.  Every classroom teacher will engage students in setting learning goals based on the current objective beginning this year.  Students will be engaged in monitoring where they are at in the learning and what they need to do to achieve mastery of the objective.  
Be The Change is a Service Learning Approach and an Annual Student Summit.  Each class takes on a cause that is related to their grade level focus.  Kindergarten through 2nd grade focus on Animals.  In 3rd and 4th Grade, students focus on the Environment.  Our 5th and 6th Graders' focus is People/Social.  Students will become aware of how their learning directly relates to the real world, making achievement relevant.  Students gain a sense of self and their impact on their local and global communities.   Our Be The Change Student Summit began last year and was a great success.  Students will be recognized for their impact through community service, problem solving, or innovation.  
Passion Time/Genius Hour: Students will engage in self-directed and selected learning for one hour each week.  All proposals for learning need to have prior approval by the teacher.  Students will be required to make presentations of their projects. 

How to know what is happening
We strive to communicate as effectively as we can so that families can play an integral part in our community.  Please refer to the Rolling Hills Family Calendar to see when events occur.   Registering on our website and receiving E-Alerts is highly recommended.  You can also keep up using Twitter and following the Principal ( @rhredhawk ).  In the event of a school-wide emergency, the principal would send out Tweet updates so that parents can have a direct line to what is happening.  This will help you avoid the frustration of trying to contact us by phone when it might be impossible.  Besides any unlikely emergencies, the principal tweets about events or what's happening in classrooms to share with parents.  The twitter account also sends out links for our teachers to view about 21st Century learning.  Parents are welcome to view these links as well to gain knowledge about what our teachers are currently being updated on.
How can you help support your child's success?  
Please reinforce the ideas presented in REACH at home and know that your participation, no matter what form, will help your child be a successful student.  
If you would like to join the PTO, please contact Linda Samera, the President or just attend the monthly meeting that is always on the calendar.  
We are all very excited about this year and how well your child is going to do.  If there is anything you need, do not hesitate to contact me.  The best way to get the quickest response is by email.  robins@fsusd.org   You can also reach me by phone at 707-399-9566.  As I am only one person with 727 students for whom I am responsible, it may take me up to 24 hours to respond.  It is certainly not because I do not care.  It is because I can get extremely busy during the school year.
Resilience - Effort - Aspirations - Change - Happiness 
View this video about Mindsets and Learning. 

Technology Survey!

Great news!! It's back!! The Technology Surveys are back and are available to participate in! Please take a few minutes to complete the survey by clicking the appropriate link below. These surveys will help shape the next year's technology initiatives for this school!
To take this quick and easy survey/Para tomar esta fácil y rápida encuesta:
Parent/Guardian Involvement Survey - English

Parent/Guardian Involvement Survey - Spanish


Million Word Club Members

Caroline K. (5) 5th-Ms. Hutchinson
Olivia H. (2) 6th-Mrs. Daniels
Neal P. 4th-Mrs. Emig
Hamza T. 5th-Mr. Bozzini
Anyssa P. (3) 6th-Mrs. Hobbs
Chase P. 6th-Mrs. Green
Caroline K. (4) 5th-Ms. Hutchinson
Jordan T. (4) 5th-Ms. Hutchinson
Sean R. 6th-Mrs. Green
Carter S. 4th-Mrs. Emig
Amina R. 6th-Mrs. Hobbs
Brynnleigh T. 2nd-Ms. Gleitsman
Elija M. (2) 5th-Mr. Bozzini
Mia S. 5th-Mr. Bozzini
Jacob P. 4th -Mrs. Emig
Briant C. 5th-Ms. Hutchinson
Charles G. 2nd-Mrs. Johnson
Blane S. 3rd-Mrs. Morris
Daniel H. 2nd-Mrs. Rosenthal
Geety A. 6th-Ms. Green
Carter B. 2nd-Ms. Rees
Rianna F. (3) -5th-Ms. Hutchinson
Sophia G. (3) 3rd-Ms. Titus
Trevor d.(2) 3rd-Ms. Titus
William Mc. 2nd-Mrs. Johnson
Philina P. 5th-Mr. Bozzini
Chanell G. (3) 4th-Mrs. Strong
Willen M. 4th-Mrs. Strong
Kaily B. (2) 4th-Mrs. Chancellor
Seth E. 4th-Mrs. Chancellor
Leah P. (2) 2nd-Ms Rees
Zahara Q. 3rd-Ms. Rees
Kylie P. 2nd-Mrs. Rosenthal
Ian M. 5th-Mr. Bozzini
Rafael V. 5th-Mr. Bozzini
Jalen C. 2nd-Mrs. Johnson
Caroline K. (3) 5th-Ms. Hutchinson
Allison G. (2) 4th-Mrs. Chancellor
Arianna O. 4th-Mrs. Chancellor
Madison Mc. 1st-Ms. Bromberg
Jordan T. (3) 5th-Ms. Hutchinson
Alanna A. (2) 6th-Mrs. Hobbs
Rianna F. (2) 5th-Ms. Hutchinson
Kaitlyn Mc. 5th-Ms. Hutchinson
Olivia H. 6th-Mrs. Daniels
Katelyn S. 5th-Mr. Bozzini
Tyler M. 2nd-Ms. Gleitsman
Taryn H. 4th-Mrs. Emig
Caroline K. (2) 5th-Ms. Hutchinson
Nicholas M. 5th-Ms. Hutchinson
Lily K. 1st-Mrs. Corley
Chanell G. (2) 4th-Mrs. Strong
Anyssa P.  (2) 6th-Mrs. Hobbs
Elijah M. 5th-Mr. Bozzini
Ryle C.  6th-Mrs. Green
Tariq J.  5th-Ms. Hutchinson
Sophia G. (2) 3rd-Ms. Titus
Madison M. 4th-Mrs. Chancellor
Sara L. 6th-Mrs. Green
Matthew D. 6th-Mrs. Green
Alexander S. 2nd-Ms. Rees
Trevor d.- 3rd-Ms. Titus
Jordan T. 5th-Ms. Hutchinson (2)
Leah P., 2nd-Ms. Rees
Chanell G. 4th-Mrs. Strong
Alanna A., 6th-Mrs. Hobbs
Allison G., 4th-Mrs. Chancellor
Kaily B., 4th-Mrs. Chancellor
Rianna F., 5th-Ms. Hutchinson
Caroline K., 5th-Ms. Hutchinson
Sophia G., 3rd-Ms. Titus
Megan F., 3rd grd -Mrs. Morris
Jordan T., 5th grd-Ms. Hutchinson
Anyssa P., 6th grd-Mrs. Hobbs







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