Rolling Hills News

100 Grand Club Members

Joshua D, 1st Grd Mrs. Hobbs
Cadacio, K, 2nd Grd Ms. Gleitsman
Josue P, 2nd Grd Mrs. Rosenthal
Aaron T, 2nd Grd Mrs. Rosenthal
Devin C, 2nd Grd Mrs. Rosenthal
Maya C, 2nd Grd Mrs. Rosenthal
Joshua R, 2nd Grd Mrs. Rosenthal
Phoebe A., 2nd Grd Mrs. Johnson
Darla May D, 2nd Grd Mrs. Johnson
Autumn C, 2nd Grd Mrs. Johnson
Kairilynn Y, 2nd Grd Mrs. Johnson
Rahjan H, 2nd Grd Mrs. Johnson
Nina V, 2nd Grd Ms. Rees
Reese B, 2nd Grd Mrs. Rosenthal
Hailey C, 3rd Grd Ms. Titus
Damaje S, 3rd Grd Ms. Titus
Victoria N, 3rd Grd Ms. Titus
Brandon B, 3rd Grd Ms. Titus
Elijah T, 3rd Grd Ms. Titus
Kylie P, 1st Grd Mrs. Woltersdorf
Angelina M, 3rd Grd Mrs. Ratterman
Jackson K., 1st Grd Mrs. Hobbs
Tyler M., 1st Grd Mrs. Hobbs
Ava G., 2nd Grd Mrs. Johnson
Conlan H., 3rd Grd Mrs. Morris
Cheyenne T., 3rd Grd Mrs. Morris
Itzack F., 3rd Grd Mrs. Morris
Patick C., 3rd Grd Mrs. Ratterman
Joshua M., 3rd Grd Mrs. Ratterman
Jordyn A., 3rd Grd Mrs. Ratterman
Elyssia R., 3rd Grd Mrs. Ratterman
Malachi J, 2nd Grade Mrs. Rees
Seth E, 3rd Grade Mrs. Ratterman
Adan C, 3rd Grade Mrs. Ratterman
Carly S, 3rd Grade Mrs. Ratterman
Sydney P, 2nd Grade Mrs. Johnson
Carter B, 1st Grade Mrs. Bromberg
Clara B 3rd Grade - Ms. Morris
Trevor D 2nd Grade - Mrs. Johnson
Boston H 2nd Grade - Mrs. Johnson
Sophia G 2nd Grade - Mrs. Johnson
Arwen A 2nd Grade - Mrs. Rees
Kaily B 3rd Grade - Mrs. Ratterman
Corinne J 3rd Grade - Ms. Titus
Alison L 3rd Grade - Ms. Titus
Chanell G 3rd Grade - Ms. Titus
Jonah R 3rd Grade - Ms. Titus
Madison M 3rd Grade - Mrs. Ratterman
Taryn H 3rd Grade Mrs. Rees
Henry D 3rd Grade Mrs. Rees
Carter S 3rd Grade Ms. Titus
Brooke B 3rd Grade Ms. Titus
Jireh M 3rd Grade Mrs. Ratterman
Keena J 3rd Grade Mrs. Morris
Blane S 2nd Grade Mrs. Johnson
Megan F 2nd Grade Mrs. Johnson
Matthew S 2nd Grade Mrs. Johnson
Leah P 1st Grade Mrs. Woltersdorf
Jordan D 1st Grade Mrs. Woltersdorf
Ryan K 3rd Grade Mrs. Ratterman
Dylan B 3rd Grade Mrs. Ratterman
Jacob P 3rd Grade Ms. Titus
Neal P 3rd Grade Ms. Titus
Willen M 3rd Grade Mrs. Morris
Nicholas B 2nd Grade Mrs. Johnson
Haleena C 2nd Grade Ms. Gleitsman
Lillian S 3rd Grade Mrs. Ratterman
Joseph L 3rd Grade Mrs. Morris
Allen B 2nd Grade Ms. Rees
Dean R, 3rd Grade Mrs. Morris
Nikki C, 3rd Grade Mrs. Morris
David B, 3rd Grade Mrs. Morris
Kailey M, 3rd Grade Mrs. Morris
Andrew D, 3rd Grade Mrs. Morris
Micah R, 1st Grade Mrs. Bromberg
Allison G., 3rd Grade Ms. Titus
Janessa V., 3rd Grade Mrs. Ratterman
Jalen C., 1st Grade Mrs. Bromberg
Aria K., 2nd Grade Mrs. Johnson
Andrea V., 2nd Grade Mrs. Johnson
Benjamin A., 3rd Grade Mrs. Morris
Sophia A., 3rd Grade Mrs. Ratterman
Ariana O., 3rd Grade Mrs. Titus
Alexander P., 3rd Grade Ms. Rees
Alan A., 3rd Grade Ms. Rees
Larry L., 2nd Grade Ms. Rees
Zahara Q., 2nd Grade Ms. Rees
Johnny R., 3rd Grade Ms. Rees
Jessica L., 3rd Grade Ms. Rees
Christian C., 3rd Grade Ms. Rees
Bryan M., 3rd Grade Mrs. Morris
Jaylah H., 3rd Grade Mrs.Morris
Claire B., 1st Grade Mrs. Bryan
Brynnleigh T., 1st Grade Mrs. Woltersdorf
Charles G., 1st Grade Mrs. Bryan
Daniel H., 1st Grade Mrs. Bryan
Ian A., 1st Grade Mrs. Hobbs
Carter B., 1st Grade Mrs. Bromberg
Christopher B., 2nd Grade Ms. Gleitsman
Marissa V., 2nd Grade Ms. Gleitsman
Jaya M., 2nd Grade Ms. Gleitsman
Natalie S., 2nd Grade Ms. Gleitsman
Wilfred'o D., 2nd Grade Mrs. Johnson
Tarel J., 2nd Grade Mrs. Johnson
Riya M., 2nd Grade Mrs. Johnson
Matt G., 2nd Grade Mrs. Johnson
Sydney P, 2nd Grd Mrs. Johnson
Aria K, 2nd Grd Mrs. Johnson
Andrea V, 2nd Grd Mrs. Johnson
Justin S, 2nd Grd Mrs. Rosenthal
Emory C, 2nd Grd Mrs. Rosenthal
Sophia L, 2nd Grd Mrs. Rosenthal
Darren L, 2nd Grd Ms. Rees
Jennah R, 2nd Grd Ms. Rees
Malachi J, 2nd Grd Ms. Rees
Cole G, 3rd Grd Ms. Titus
Ashley A, 3rd Grd Ms. Titus
Nicholas P, 3rd Grd Ms. Titus
Gurvir G, 3rd Grd Ms. Titus
Vincent J, 3rd Grd Mrs. Morris
Alonzo S, 3rd Grd Mrs. Morris
Isaiah S, 3rd Grd Mrs. Morris
Robert F, 3rd Grd Mrs. Morris
Merissa S, 3rd Grd Mrs. Morris
Alana T, 3rd Grd Mrs. Morris
Justin B, 3rd Grd Mrs. Morris
Michael A, 3rd Grd Mrs. Morris
Jordyn P, 3rd Grd Mrs. Morris
Estaban C, 3rd Grd Mrs.Morris
Dylan L, 3rd Grd Mrs. Ratterman
Martin T, 3rd Grd Mrs. Ratterman
Alicia H, 3rd Grd Mrs. Ratterman
Victoria V, 3rd Grd Mrs. Ratterman
Jaden M. 3rd Grd Mrs. Ratterman
Skyler S, 1st Grd Mrs. Hobbs
Noah S, 2nd Grd Mrs. Johnson
Amy L, 2nd Grd Mrs. Johnson
Gustavo S, 3rd Grd Mrs. Ratterman
Muhammad K, 3rd Grd Mrs. Ratterman
Aaliyana P, 3rd Grd Ms. Titus
Ian L, 3rd Grd Ms. Titus
Glenn Jayden A, 3rd Grd Ms. Titus
Clayton L, 3rd Grd Ms. Titus
William Mc, 1st Grd Mrs. Woltersdorf
Jaden D, 2nd Grd Mrs. Rosenthal
Tyler R, 2nd Grd Mrs. Rosenthal


Be The Change
Rolling Hills Elementary School is a Be The Change School.  We have adopted the following organizations this year:
Our students are dedicated to making the world a better place.  Through service learning and a connection to the community, students learn how to take action, serve and be leaders through collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity.  

Dear Parent or Guardian:

 Our school is one of many in the country participating in the Smarter Balanced Assessment Field Test this spring. Schools in 22 states will administer the online assessment in mathematics and/or English starting this April.

The Smarter Balanced assessments are a key part of implementing our new academic standards and preparing all students for success in college and careers. When the assessments become operational in the 2014-2015 school year, they will provide an academic checkup by measuring real-world skills like critical thinking and problem solving. In addition, they will provide information during the year to give teachers and parents a better picture of where students are succeeding and where they need help. This practice run of the assessments will be used to evaluate the testing software, ensure the quality of assessment questions, and evaluate the effectiveness of the assessment administration and training materials. It also provides teachers and students at our school an opportunity to preview the types of questions that will be part of the Smarter Balanced assessments and practice test administration procedures.

For our school, students in 3rd through 6th grades have been selected to take the Field Test in English Language Arts and Math]. The assessment will take place between April 16 and May 13, and will take [three to four/six to eight] hours of your child’s time. The assessment will be administered over multiple days. Participation is confidential, and your child’s grades will not be affected.  For a more specific timeline on testing for your child's classroom, see our Rolling Hills Family Calendar

If you would like more information about Smarter Balanced, please visit the Smarter Balanced website at If you have any questions regarding your child’s participation, please email your child's teacher or me at




Robin Stewart. Principal  



Kindergarten/ Fall 2014 Registration

Begin your registration here:
Your registration will not be complete until you bring your child's birth certificate, current shot records, and 2 proofs of residency to the school.  Examples of Proof of Residency include: Lease or mortgage statement AND one of the following - P G & E, Water, Garbage, or Cable bills.  They must be dated within one month of day of registration.  Incoming Kindergartners must turn 5 years old on or before September 1, 2014.
Go to Comcast Website:




 Cash 4 Class

Cash4Class is a free program that benefits local elementary schools!

It's easy to support our school!

During the Cash4Class program, school supporters have two options, you can send your receipts to school (put your child’s name & teacher on your receipts so we can return them to you) or take your receipts from Solano Town Center stores to the Management Office located on Level 2 near Sweet Factory and Hot Topic. Receipts are logged, stamped and returned to you!   Our school earns five (5) points for each dollar spent at any of the stores, restaurants, Dining Court eateries or vendor carts at Solano Town Center.

Cash4Class runs September 2, 2013 through May 16, 2014.

CA$H IN! Every School Is A Winner!


- See more at:


Please give our school money through Target by going to this link and liking them on Facebook! 

Lunch Menus will no longer be sent home.  We will have a link to the current menu for you to view or download.  Thank you for continuing to support our efforts to go paperless.  Link: School Lunch Menu

Are you following the Principal on Twitter yet?  @rhredhawk


Pick up and Drop Off Information
1. Traffic laws must be obeyed.  Drivers cannot stay at the stop sign until there is room to pull forward on the curb.  If you are at the stop sign and it is your turn to go, you must go.  If there is a spot to stop on the curb, you can pull in.  If there is not, you must go around the block.  You can receive a ticket from the Fairfield Police Department if you stay at the stop sign.
2. Your children are asked to stand beyond the "Pull Forward" sign.  We do this so everyone will pull forward and allow for as many cars to fit along the curb as possible.  This helps traffic move more quickly.  
3. The curb in front of the school is a no parking zone.  No one should leave their car parked there.  This creates a huge delay for all other drivers and delays traffic. 4.  The driveways are a no parking zone and are enforced by the Fairfield Police Department.
Disabled Parking
If you have a disability/handicapped placard and have business in the school when the gates are locked, you can call 399-9566 and we will open the gate for you to park in the handicapped parking.  If you are picking up or dropping off a student, it should be done at the curb.   

Welcome to Rolling Hills Elementary!  
We are pleased are a part of our Redhawk community. Your child will learn how to raise his or her own expectations of achievement through REACH,  be a part of the first stages of the new Common Core Standards and learn more than he or she ever has before.
We have a REACH 21 culture at Rolling Hills. REACH 21 is about Resilience, Effort, Aspirations, Change and Happiness as well as meeting the needs of students in the 21st Century .  The REACH culture will support our students in engaging in continuous improvement, never giving up,  setting goals, being happy about learning, finding out what it takes to achieve at higher levels and having an attitude that no matter what the challenge, they can REACH to achieve it.  
Supporting children in developing higher expectations for themselves has been shown to have impact achievement greatly.  Student expectations have the most influence over what students can achieve, even more so than teachers, parents and principals.  If a child believes him or herself to be able to achieve no more than a "C" or an "S", then it is very likely that they will in fact achieve at that level.  The key is in their mindset. Research tells us that students who have a fixed mindset, meaning they believe that the level of intelligence they have is what they were born with and that they have little to no hope of changing that, will practice less, put forth less effort and sometimes misbehave to distract themselves from any feelings of failure they might be experiencing.  The fixed mindset is absolutely invalid.  All students can learn at high levels given the right kind of instruction and the level of support they need.  The growth mindset, the belief that intelligence comes from hard work, effort and the knowledge that I may not know it now, but I can learn it, is what we strive to instill in our students.  Having higher expectations for themselves also comes from knowing what the learning objective is and being able to identify their own goals as they relate to that learning objective.  Every classroom teacher will engage students in setting learning goals based on the current objective beginning this year.  Students will be engaged in monitoring where they are at in the learning and what they need to do to achieve mastery of the objective.  
Be The Change is a Service Learning Approach and an Annual Student Summit.  Each class takes on a cause that is related to their grade level focus.  Kindergarten through 2nd grade focus on Animals.  In 3rd and 4th Grade, students focus on the Environment.  Our 5th and 6th Graders' focus is People/Social.  Students will become aware of how their learning directly relates to the real world, making achievement relevant.  Students gain a sense of self and their impact on their local and global communities.   Our Be The Change Student Summit began last year and was a great success.  Students will be recognized for their impact through community service, problem solving, or innovation.  
Passion Time/Genius Hour: Students will engage in self-directed and selected learning for one hour each week.  All proposals for learning need to have prior approval by the teacher.  Students will be required to make presentations of their projects. 

How to know what is happening
We strive to communicate as effectively as we can so that families can play an integral part in our community.  Please refer to the Rolling Hills Family Calendar to see when events occur.   Registering on our website and receiving E-Alerts is highly recommended.  You can also keep up using Twitter and following the Principal ( @rhredhawk ).  In the event of a school-wide emergency, the principal would send out Tweet updates so that parents can have a direct line to what is happening.  This will help you avoid the frustration of trying to contact us by phone when it might be impossible.  Besides any unlikely emergencies, the principal tweets about events or what's happening in classrooms to share with parents.  The twitter account also sends out links for our teachers to view about 21st Century learning.  Parents are welcome to view these links as well to gain knowledge about what our teachers are currently being updated on.
How can you help support your child's success?  
Please reinforce the ideas presented in REACH at home and know that your participation, no matter what form, will help your child be a successful student.  
If you would like to join the PTO, please contact Linda Samera, the President or just attend the monthly meeting that is always on the calendar.  
We are all very excited about this year and how well your child is going to do.  If there is anything you need, do not hesitate to contact me.  The best way to get the quickest response is by email.   You can also reach me by phone at 707-399-9566.  As I am only one person with 727 students for whom I am responsible, it may take me up to 24 hours to respond.  It is certainly not because I do not care.  It is because I can get extremely busy during the school year.

Resilience - Effort - Aspirations - Change - Happiness 
View this video about Mindsets and Learning. 

Technology Survey!

Great news!! It's back!! The Technology Surveys are back and are available to participate in! Please take a few minutes to complete the survey by clicking the appropriate link below. These surveys will help shape the next year's technology initiatives for this school!
To take this quick and easy survey/Para tomar esta fácil y rápida encuesta:



Million Word Club Members

Arwen A, 2nd Grd Ms. Rees(2)
Grace V., 4th Grd Mr. Cook
Jordan V, 6th Grd Mrs. Latona
Tatiana E, 6th Grd Mrs. Green
Hannah L, 6th Grd Mrs. Strong (2)

Crystal S, 6th Grd Mrs. Strong
Ella D, 6th Grd Mrs. Strong
Alexis J, 6th Grd Mrs. Strong
Madison M, 3rd Grd Mrs. Ratterman
Samara C, 4th Grd Mrs. Chancellor
Jordan T, 4th Grd Mrs. Emig (2)
Kaitlyn Mc, 4th Grd Mrs. Emig
Jaspreet S, 6th Grd Mrs. Corley (2)
Clara B, 3rd Grd Mrs. Morris (2)
Lydia R, 5th Grd Ms. Hutchinson (2)
Isabelle D., 6th Grd Mrs. Strong
Caroline K., 6th Grd Mrs. Strong (2)
Brandon U., 4th Grd Mrs. Chancellor (5)
Allison L, 3rd Grade Ms. Titus
Chanell G, 3rd Grade Ms. Titus
Brandon A, 6th Grade Mrs. Strong
Hannah K, 6th Grade Mrs. Strong
Clara B, 3rd Grade Mrs. Morris
Vayle B, 6th Grade Ms. Green 
Brandon U, 4th Grade - Mrs. Chancellor (4)
Ethan H, 5th Grade - Ms. Hutchinson (2)
Taryn H, 3rd Grade - Ms. Rees  
Joshua W, 6th Grade Mrs. Corley
Lydia R, 5th Grade Ms. Hutchinson 
Hannah L, 6th Grade Mrs. Strong
Hayley L, 6th Grade Mrs. Strong
Emmalea O, 5th Grade Mrs. Latona
Olivia H, 5th Grade Mrs. Latona
Sophia G, 2nd Grade Mrs. Johnson
Caroline K, 4th Grade Mrs. Emig
Raven H., 6th Grade Mrs. Corley
Jaspreet S., 6th Grade Mrs. Corley
Christopher W., 4th Grade, Mrs. Emig
Arwen A., 2nd Grade Ms. Rees
Hannah B., 6th Grade Mrs. Strong
Corinne J., 3rd Grade Ms. Titus
Briant C., 4th Grade Mrs. Emig
Katriel P., 6th Grade Mrs. Strong
Morgan H., 6th Grade Mrs. Strong
 Leah P, 1st Grd Mrs. Woltersdorf
Megan F, 2nd Grd Mrs. Johnson
Boston H, 2nd Grd Mrs. Johnson
Taryn H, 3rd Grd Ms. Rees
Henry D, 3rd Grd Ms. Rees
Jordan T, 4th Grd Mrs. Emig
Christopher W, 4th Grd Mrs. Emig
Nicholas M, 4th Grd Mrs. Chancellor
Crystal T, 4th Grd Mr. Cook
Ryle C, 5th Grd, Ms. Hutchinson
Kolby P, 5th Grd Ms. Hutchinson
Lydia R, 5th Grd Ms. Hutchinson
Savannah C, 5th Grd Mr. Bozzini
Logan B, 6th Grd Ms. Green
Caylee S, 6th Grd Ms. Green
Andrew L, 6th Grd Ms. Green
Vayle B 6th Grd, Ms. Green
Yosef W, 6th Grd Mrs. Strong
Caleb A, 6th Grd Mrs. Strong
Kennedy C, 6th Grd Mrs. Strong
Indiana P, 6th Grd Mrs. Strong
Brandon A, 6th Grd Mrs. Strogn
Hannah K, 6th Grd Mrs. Strong
Gabriel C, 6th Grd Mrs. Corley
Joshua W (3), 6th Grd, Mrs. Corley
Kyle F, 6th Grd Mrs. Corley
Raven H, 6th Grd Mrs. Corley
Jaspreet S, 6th Grd Mrs. Corley
Tamir J, 6th Grd Mrs. Corley
Trevor D 2nd Grade Mrs. Rosenthal 







Frequently Asked Questions