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 Nut and Peanut Allergy
Suisun Elementary is working to minimize exposure to peanuts/nuts for several students who have severe food allergies.  To protect these students, children with nuts will be seated at a designated nut table.  We ask for your assistance in ensuring the safety of all Suisun Elementary students by not sending any food containing peanuts/nut products with your students. 

ELAC Meeting

Please remember!!
ID is required when:
Signing out a student for any reason.
Volunteering and Visiting classrooms must be pre-approved by teacher & principal.   (Pg 17 FSUSD Parent/Student handbook - Visits during school hours should be first arranged w/teacher and principal or designee)

Upcoming Events

Coffee Chat w/Principal
Feb 17, 8:40 am 

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Parent Survey - English
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Effective Tuesday Oct. 14, 2014: We will be monitoring early pick ups. 30 minutes or more before the end of the school day will be marked on your child's attendance record similar to late drop-off in the mornings.