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Daily Schedule 
AM - Kindergarten - 8:00 - 11:20
 PM - Kindergarten - 10:45 - 2:05
 1st - 5th - 8:00 - 2:05
Minimum Day Schedule
All Students - 8:00 - 11:20 


Weekly Tiger Spin

  • February 5

is Critical to Student Success
We know that students who are in school the most have the highest achievement rates.  Students who miss more than 10% of the school year tend to drop in reading growth by almost one year.  YIKES!  We need students at school on time and prepared to learn every single day!
Attendance terms to know:
Unexcused absence:  an absence that does not meet the criteria for excused or is unverified.  
Unverified absence:  an absence that has not been verified by a parent note, a parent phone call, a doctor's note, or any other communication with the school.  Parents have three days to clear an absence.
Excused absence: an absence verified by a parent or a physician.  Parents may verify a student has been sick up to ten days each school year. After the ten days, a physician's note is required.  
Truant tardy:  given to a student who arrives more than 30 minutes after the beginning of the school day AND a student who leaves school more than 30 minutes early. 
Chronic absence:  any time a student has missed more than 10% of the school year, the student is considered to be chronically absent.  For instance, if school has been in session for 55 days, a student who has missed six or more days of school would be considered chronically absent.

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