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6 Habits For College

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Thursday, August 11, 2016
  • 10:00-11:00 for TK-K
  • 11:00-1:00 for 1st-8th Grades
  • Meet many of your students' teachers
  • Find out to which college your students are assigned
  • Complete "Free Lunch" forms and emergency cards
  • Receive lots of information
  • Join the Parent-Teacher Organization
  • And...ICE CREAM will be SERVED! Yes!
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 School starts again on August 17th!  :)      

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Ms. Rodgers' ESY Class Visits the Immigration Station at Angel Island, July 2014 

This video highlights our recent "end-of-the-year" soccer celebration, posted on 6/5/14, length: 6:03.
This video depicts a visit to OSU by a group of seventh graders.

The video is from our CST Celebration, Friday, Sept. 7th, by Nicole Rodgers
on 9/7/2013, Length: 3:12 
Harry Le Grande, Vice Chancellor of UCB, teaching 2nd Graders "How to prepare for college",  from LVA Studio
on 8/1/2013 Length 2:09 
by Alejandra Ortega
on 6/4/13  Length: 3:24 
by James George and Alejandra Ortega
on 5/13/2013
Length: 1:24 
on 4/29/2013
Length: 3:00 
Length: 0:57
We hope our students love to attend school as much as Nemo!
Length: 28 sec.
Our students really enjoyed our first "Holiday Hoopla'!
Length: 7 mins
View the "Inside Story" of the "how's" and "why's" of  DAW's CST Improvement! Please be patient.  The FIRST 38 seconds features the same slide.  It does get better.
by Rick Stevens on 5/1/2012
Length: 5 minutes
View the "Inside Story" of the "how's" and "why's" of  DAW's Success!

Gold Ribbon School

Congratulations to our students, parents, guardians, community, and staff of DAWPA...we have been awarded a Gold Ribbon Award!

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