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The primary goal of PBIS is to establish and maintain a positive school climate and culture thereby increasing positive relationships between students and staff and increased academic engagement. The practices within PBIS place particular emphasis on teaching and recognizing behavioral expectations specifically and consistently.   

 Keep Calm and PBIS On
 Successful PBIS programs, such as Armijo's, have been shown to achieve the following valuable outcomes:
  • Reduction in the proportion of students who engage in behavioral disruptions.
  • Overall reduction in the number of behavioral disruptions.
  • Decrease in the number office discipline referrals and the resulting use of punitive responses such as detention and suspension.
  • Student self-reports of a more positive, calm and secure environment.
  • Teacher reports of a more positive, calm and secure environment more conducive to successful learning.
  • Increase rates of academic engagement.
  • Increase in attendance.
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