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Students of the Month


                     Growing Leader

    November students of the month are being honored for Habit 3:  Put First Things First.  Our honorees are:


    Emmiliana Cisneros, Tomas Aguon, Zaylee Ayala, Alayah Clay, Lonaiah Dunn, Ca'son Thompson, Zarahi Garcia, Jackeline Plaza Garcia, Mattie Nastek, Phaethon Padilla, Aubrianna Mejia, Charlie Collart, Isabelle Johnson, Jeremy Graham, Monica Segura, Sam Merill, Jillian Kalista, Jordan Marshall, Eva McCockran, Zayden Soutsavong, Christian Stone, Ella Thiess, Kaili Icban, Adan Lopez, Niyah Beyan, Aliyah Espiritu, Eva Mulky, Gabriel Carbajal, Devin Ferguson, Sophia Pelayo, Palak Kumari, Dylan Magana, Marley Phillips, Romeo Johnpeer, Shelby Ambrose, Andrew Masih, Natalie Barajas, Autumn Moore-Marshall, Ahmirrah Thienepeth, Tyler Liew, Joseph Esposti, Faith Rao, Isabelle DeGuzman, Carson Brown, Omar Sanchez-Porras, Victor Sandoval Manzo, Ruth Munoz, Savannah McKinnon, Irene Pelayo, Demtri Naranjo-Rhodes, Samantha Ashford, Michael Alcantara, Mina Sedano, Thomas Williams, Juan Villalobos Barajas, Myr Y Salaza, Hannah Brackfield, Kareem Lewis, Jesus Montes, Shelby Healy, Zosia Cooper, Marcel Longmire, Leonel Torres-Guzman, Jasmine Chada, Gianna Guzman-Jimenez and Fatima Orozco.


    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JbZLMmyvUJX5sbLrH5-bjpAMyY1bz86F/view  report cald

  • Homework policy: What you need to know

    Every homework assignment must be meaningful and appropriate for the individual child and must not simply provide additional work. Homework may include memorization, practice exercises, outside reading, art projects or family activities. Three major purposes for the use of homework may include:

    1. homework2 an extension of class work.
    2. preparation for class work.
    3. expand and enrich concepts taught.

    Students should be encouraged to develop independent study habits, and parents are encouraged and given opportunities to become involved in their child’s education. The Dan O. Root II staff has developed an overall school plan for homework assignments, which suggests the total number of minutes per day allocated for each grade level. The responsibilities of the teacher, student and parent are also included.

    The homework time allocations are 10-30 minutes for K-3 and 40-60 minutes for grades 4-6. Please note this does NOT include the required independent reading that should occur each evening.

    For our entire homework policy, click on the Parents page.



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