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Students of the Month


                     Growing Leader

    February students of the month are being honored for Habit 6:  Synergize - Together is Better.  Our honorees are:


    Ava Hayes, Reuben Laie, Riley Currie, Milan Flores, Evelyn Gonzalez, Dylan Lucas, Elizabeth Perez, Aadil Raza, Sophia Sojat, Elizabeth Ramirez, Kayla Young, Phillip Ramsey, Kadie Flores-Pavon, AJ Farias, Shariah Bluford, Mallory Saelee, Terra Whited, Darren Meadows, Jordan Chanthapaseut, Soucksada Phoprom, Cali Ibarra-Reyna, Braden Wing, Kaleigh Meadows, Kimberly Lee, Shelby Russell, Landen Powell, Makaylee Barthelmess, Breland Travis, Dean Nevarez, Gianna Woodruff, Sophia Pelayo, Roosevelt McClinton, Devin Lucas, Wyatt Ledbetter, Juelz Salazar, Jasmine Chada, Kaye Anne Aguilar, Archer Robertson, Nayla Guerrero, Alexis Mondragon, Aryanna Vazquez Rodriguez, Austin Schneider, Nolan Lassen, Cienna McGrew, Farah Burnley, Hanna Mendez, Faith Miller, Alina Hays, Vivian Howard, Cody Woolman, Jasmine Pegany, Eddie Sandoval Manzo, Kaliyah Duncan, Jaloni Williams, Josiah Porquez, Lilyana Hernandez Zuniga, Jason Fitzpatrick, Nafisha Ali, Caden Magno, Valeria Munguia, and Aiden Esposti.


    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JbZLMmyvUJX5sbLrH5-bjpAMyY1bz86F/view  SARC cald

  • Homework policy: What you need to know

    Every homework assignment must be meaningful and appropriate for the individual child and must not simply provide additional work. Homework may include memorization, practice exercises, outside reading, art projects or family activities. Three major purposes for the use of homework may include:

    1. homework2 an extension of class work.
    2. preparation for class work.
    3. expand and enrich concepts taught.

    Students should be encouraged to develop independent study habits, and parents are encouraged and given opportunities to become involved in their child’s education. The Dan O. Root II staff has developed an overall school plan for homework assignments, which suggests the total number of minutes per day allocated for each grade level. The responsibilities of the teacher, student and parent are also included.

    The homework time allocations are 10-30 minutes for K-3 and 40-60 minutes for grades 4-6. Please note this does NOT include the required independent reading that should occur each evening.

    For our entire homework policy, click on the Parents page.



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