• In order to retake a test the student needs to choose at least 1 relearning activity and at least 1 practice activity. The student also needs to write a reflection and complete the test retake form.
    The student will need to login to their FSUSD email in order to access the practice.
     Unit 1 
     Learning TargetRelearn   Practice
     I can choose, apply and interpret the
    units for multi-step problems when
    using formulas, graphs and data.
    Video Lesson for Conversions
    I can determine if a relation is a
    function and represent a function
    using a graph, table, and equation
    and describe the relationship between
    each form using function notation.
    Video Lesson for functions
     I can evaluate a function using
    function notation and interpret
    the value in context.
     Video Lesson for Function Notation F-IF.A.2
     I can interpret algebraic expressions     that describe real-world scenarios.   Video Lesson for Interpreting Functions A-SSE.A.1
     Unit 2
     Learning Target Relearn Practice
    I can interpret key elements of the
    graph or table, including average
    rate of change, y-intercept, x-intercepts.
    See Teacher F-IF.B4
    I can identify and interpret an
    appropriate domain and range.
    Video lesson on Domain and Range F-IF.B5
     I can calculate and/or estimate
    the average rate of change from a graph or a table.
    Video lesson on Rate of Change F-IF.B6
    I can combine all of my graph analysis skills. See Teacher Graph Analysis