• Rolling Hills Elementary
    2025 Fieldcrest Avenue
    Fairfield, CA 94534

    Rolling Hills  
    Rolling Hills
    Rolling Hills Elementary incorporates two-story construction to optimize land use and better blend with the topography of the site. The buildings are arranged so that all classrooms orient toward a central courtyard, providing for better supervision and for easier access from classrooms to the library, Multipurpose room and office. The central courtyard has an amphitheatre with lots of seating for outdoor performances, assemblies and special events. An outdoor amphitheatre is a popular feature being duplicated from the design of the Crystal and Green Valley Middle Schools.
    Rolling Hills  The new school has approximately 47,000 square foot of building space. The Multi-use room has a performing stage, kitchen and room for a volleyball with multiple basketball courts. Other campus facilities include an administrative building, library, learning resource center, special education offices and classrooms, counselor and speech offices and self contained kindergarten classrooms. The classrooms all have the latest features; data outlets for computer and internet access, Phonic Ear sound systems for assisted listening, Cable TV, built in storage, video projection capabilities and natural lighting.
    Rolling Hills  

    The campus includes plenty of space for physical education and after school sports use. The facilities include a soccer field, football field, baseball fields, new playground equipment and an expansive asphalt play area.

    The new school is a twin of the new Cordelia Hills Elementary School, just smaller by eight classrooms. The District modeled both new schools after the successful two-story Green Valley and Crystal Middle Schools, allowing for re-use of the same construction plans. Reuse of plans from other schools that have been built helped the District save on Architect design fees and also lowered costs by reducing construction change orders. The District made modifications appropriate to the design for elementary versus middle school needs.

    Construction of the new school started in the Fall of 2005 and it was completed in the Summer of 2007. Design West was the project Architect, Sierra Bay was the General Contractor on the job and Facility Services of Napa provided Construction Management.