• E. Ruth Sheldon Academy of Innovative Learning
    1901 Woolner Avenue
    Fairfield, CA 94533

    New Multipurpose Room
    Sheldon Multipurpose Room Interior The District was excited to complete a new Multipurpose Room. Prior to the new building, the school had been using 3 older modular style classrooms as a Multipurpose Room. However, the rooms did not have any basketball courts or adequate kitchen facilities. The new Multipurpose Room is a big improvement on the site. 

    The new building is 6,149 square feet and has full volleyball, basketball, and badminton courts. The facility also has a state-of-the-art Food Service warming kitchen, a stage with theatrical lighting, and new restrooms. Additional features include wall-to-wall acoustical paneling for better sound management, a fully automated HVAC system for energy efficiency, chair storage under the stage, energy efficient fluorescent lighting, and automatic fire sprinklers. The infrastructure is also wired for computers in the kitchen so that kitchen staff have access to the program that lets them manage student lunch accounts. The building has a modern exterior stucco finish and pitched ceiling. 

    The Multipurpose Room was funded using local bond money from Measure C and the State of California Joint Use Program. Two Architects worked jointly on the project; Architerra designed the building and TCLD Architects designed the site layout and infrastructure. The construction was completed by JDS Contractors. Facility Services of Napa provided the Construction Management.

    Kindergarten Complex
    Sheldon Kindergarten Class Three new classrooms were constructed at Sheldon Elementary School over the Summer of 2003. Two are for kindergarten classrooms and one is for a Pre-Kindergarten Special Education class. The new buildings meet current State standards for kindergarten classrooms. The District is pleased that the new buildings will also allow the removal of 3 older portables.

    The new buildings have a modern stucco exterior, pitched roofs and an up to date interior designed specifically for teachers and students. Some of the enhancements inside include plenty of storage space for teachers, built-in student cubbies, a separate teacher’s prep room, a teaching wall, a carpeted sitting area for storytime and wall-to-wall tackable surfaces to display children’s artwork and learning posters. The classrooms also have restrooms with child-size toilets and sinks. Having the restrooms within the buildings means that students can use the restroom without having to walk outside of the classroom, which helps to make new kinder students feel safe. 

    Teachers have responded positively to the new classrooms by saying ,“The design picked certainly is conducive to learning. It’s a pleasant space in which to work! We know taxpayers would like to know that their money has gone to pay for such excellent buildings.”
    Sheldon Kindergarten Complex Exterior
    The buildings were designed with energy efficiency in mind. A clerestory window provides natural lighting; recent studies have shown that natural lighting improves students learning. The classrooms are oriented with the sun to maximize sun exposure for natural heating. Dual-pane aluminum windows help with insulation. New fluorescent lighting also improves the energy efficiency.

    Measure C and state bond monies were used to finance the project. The classrooms were the first to be constructed of the “Emily” series from ATI Architects of Danville. Construction Management was by Turner Construction Co. Inc. The construction was completed by West Coast Contractors of Fairfield.

    Sheldon Modernization The District modernized E. Ruth Sheldon in the Summer of 2004. The work was almost identical to the modernization scope that was done at Tolenas Elementary School. A majority of the work involved remodeling to bring the school in conformance with the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA work included providing handicap accessible drinking fountains, sinks, door hardware, and other modifications. 

    A significant portion of the modernization involved aesthetic improvements like remodeling all the student and staff restrooms, new flooring in the main building, adding tackable wall surfaces and countertops in classrooms and replacing windows and window coverings. The work also involved adding additional data and electrical outlets in classrooms.
    Sheldon Modernization II

    Other work included life safety improvements like a new campus-wide fire alarm, a new paging system for all-call and emergency announcements and a new campus-wide fiber optic based digital phone system. The District also provided a new fiber optic backbone for the campus data systems and installed new wireless satellite clocks in all the classrooms. The main building was also re-roofed.

    The work was completed in the Fall of 2004. The construction was performed by Cal Inc of Vacaville. Facility Services of Napa provided construction management. ATI Architects of Danville prepared the design plans. Measure C and state bond funds were used to pay for the project. Deferred maintenance funds were used to pay for the re-roofing.