• Suisun Elementary School
    725 Golden Eye Way
    Suisun City, CA 94585

     Classroom Additions/Portable Replacements

    Suisun New Classrooms The District constructed two new classroom buildings this summer. The new classrooms replace two old trailers that the District was able to remove. The new classrooms were designed by ATI Architects of Danville and have many modern features.
    The classrooms have open vaulted ceilings with windows to let in natural lighting and are orientated north to south to minimize heating and cooling needs. These state-of-the art classrooms come equipped with computer and cable TV outlets, a multi-layered sliding teaching wall, lots of natural lighting, built-in sinks and built-in storage. The rooms were also 
    Suisun Classroom Interior
    constructed using modern building technologies. The new classrooms are helping to change the look of the campus and will be a big improvement over the older trailers.
    Measure C and State bond funds were used to pay for the work. The project was constructed by Swank Construction of Vacaville. Facility Services of Napa provided Construction Management. The construction was completed in the Fall of 2004.
    Information about additional projects coming soon.