• Tolenas Elementary School
    4500 Tolenas Road
    Fairfield, CA 94533 
    Kindergarten Complex
    Tolenas Kindergarten Interior The School District also was able to construct 2 new kindergarten classrooms at Tolenas Elementary School in the Summer of 2003. The new Kindergarten Complex will allow the District to remove 2 old portables from the School site. The new classrooms are a tremendous improvement to the campus and greatly enhance the learning environment for young elementary school students. 

    The new building has a modern stucco exterior, pitched roofs and an up-to-date interior designed specifically for teachers and students. Some of the enhancements inside include plenty of storage space for teachers, built-in student cubbies, a separate teacher’s prep room, a teaching wall, a carpeted sitting area for storytime, and wall-to-wall tackable surfaces to display children’s artwork and learning posters. The classrooms also have restrooms with child-size toilets and sinks. Having the restrooms within the buildings means that students can use the restroom without having to walk outside of the classroom, which helps to make new kinder students feel safe. 
    Tolenas Kindergarten Interior II
    The buildings were designed with energy efficiency in mind. A clerestory window provides natural lighting; recent studies have shown that natural lighting improves students learning. The classrooms are oriented with the sun to maximize sun exposure for natural heating. Dual-pane aluminum windows help with insulation. New fluorescent lighting also improves the energy efficiency. 

    The classrooms were the first to be constructed of the “Emily” series from ATI Architects. The “Emily” series mixes a modern classroom design with sturdy wood frame construction for a building that will last. The Architect of Record was ATI Architects out of Danville. Construction Management was by Turner Construction Co. Inc. The construction was completed by West Coast Contractors of Fairfield.

    Multipurpose Room
    Tolenas Multipurpose Room Interior The new Multipurpose Room is 6,149 square feet and has full volleyball, basketball,and badminton courts. The facility also includes a Food Service warming kitchen, a stage with theatrical lighting and new restrooms. The School District was very excited to complete the project as Tolenas Elementary did not have a Multipurpose Room. Staff had to hold band concerts and other assemblies outside or in the crowded library. Students also had to eat outside or in classrooms. School staff, parents and teachers are happy to finally have a facility like this for their students. 

    The building has many unique features that make it state-of-the-art. The facility includes wall to wall acoustical paneling for better sound management, a fully automated HVAC system for energy efficiency, chair storage under the stage, energy efficient fluorescent lighting and automatic fire sprinklers. The infrastructure is also wired for computers in the kitchen so that kitchen staff have access to the program that lets them manage student lunch accounts. The building has a modern exterior stucco finish and pitched ceiling.

    The Multipurpose Room was funded using local bond money from Measure ‘C’ and the State of California Joint Use Program. Two Architects worked jointly on the project; Architerra designed the building and TCLD Architects designed the site layout and infrastructure. The construction was completed by Bobo Construction of Elk Grove. Facility Services of Napa provided the Construction Management.

    New Classroom Building

    Tolenas 2 New Classrooms A classroom building was constructed to replace several older portable buildings and trailers from the site. The removal of the portables greatly enhances the aesthetics of the campus. The new buildings provide state-of-the art facilities for the students and teachers.

    The new buildings were designed by ATI Architects of Danville and have many modern features. The classrooms have open vaulted ceilings with windows to let in natural lighting and are orientated north and south to minimize heating and cooling needs. These state-of-the art classrooms come equipped with computer and cable TV outlets, a multi-layered sliding teaching wall, lots of natural lighting, built in sinks and built-in storage. The rooms were also constructed using modern building technologies. The interiors of the building are soothing with neutral colors and create a soft, inviting classroom for students.

    The project was constructed by Cal Inc of Vacaville. Facility Services of Napa provided construction management. The construction was complete in the Fall of 2004.


    Tolenas Modernization In addition to the two new classroom buildings that were constructed at Tolenas Elementary School, the District modernized the main building during the Summer of 2004. A majority of the work involved remodeling to bring the school in conformance with the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA work included providing handicap accessible drinking fountains, sinks, door hardware and other modifications.

    A significant portion of the modernization involved aesthetic improvements like remodeling all the student and staff restrooms, new flooring in the main building, adding tackable wall surfaces and countertops in classrooms and replacing windows and window coverings. The work also involved adding additional data and electrical outlets in classrooms.

    Tolenas Roof

    Other work included life safety improvements like a new campus-wide fire alarm, a new paging system for all-call and emergency announcements and a new campus-wide fiber optic based digital phone system. The District also provided a new fiber optic backbone for the campus data systems and installed new wireless satellite clocks in all the classrooms. The main building was also re-roofed.

    Tolenas Modernization II The work was completed in the Fall of 2004. The construction was performed by Cal Inc of Vacaville. Facility Services of Napa provided Construction Management. ATI Architects of Danville prepared the design plans. Measure C and state bond funds were used to pay for the project. Deferred maintenance funds were used to pay for the re-roofing.


    Four New Classroom Buildings
    classrooms June of 2007, construction began for eight new classrooms and new student restrooms at Tolenas Elementary. When completed, the District was able to remove eight older portables and an aged restroom portable.
    The new classrooms were designed with efficiency in mind. All eight classrooms are placed in rows of four in the finger plan arrangement, allowing for easier supervision and access to and from other campus buildings. The new classroom wings are aligned behind the new library and administration building. Each classroom contains a "learning wall" comprised of three sliding white boards, with teacher storage behind. The built-in teacher work space is attached to this unit, with room for an additional desk. All walls have tackable surface providing room for displaying artwork and educational materials. Upper and lower windows allow natural light to enter the rooms without glare. All rooms have CATV, data, and projection systems with the most current technology available.
    The work also involved construction of a new asphalt playground with new basketball hoops, tether ball poles and play area striping. New landscaping and storm drainage improvements have been constructed as well. The construction was undertaken simultaneously with the new library and administration building. 
    The new classrooms became operational in the first part of 2008. ATI Architects did the design. The construction was done by General Contractor S.W. Allen Construction, Inc. of Sacramento. Facility services provided Construction Management Services. 

    Library and Administration Building
    The construction of a new library and administration center at Tolenas Elementary was completed in the Spring of 2008. The new facility has approximately 5,000 square feet.  

    The school did not have a true library facility and at one point staff had to resort to using trailers at the front of the school for a makeshift library. The new library design incorporates an activity-oriented learning environment with space, furniture, equipment, and resources available for researching, browsing, reading, listening, viewing, and computing. The facility has seating for 35 stations, a story area for younger audiences, 6 reference computer stations and wireless internet capability. The library collection has been designed for 14,000 books in a variety of different subjects. A computerized projection system has been built-in for special presentations.

    A librarian's desk was built in and positioned to provide maximum visibility of the entire library and control for the entry to the facility. The librarian’s desk area includes a book drop, checkout station, short-term book storage and power and data controls for the projection system. The building has been designed with natural lighting and an open floor plan to provide an inviting and comfortable learning space for students and teachers.

    The administrative area has a new nurse’s office, principal’s office, teacher’s lounge, text book storage room and a new central office and reception area. Previously, the administration offices were crowded into a small space inside the old main building.

    The new library and administration building was scheduled for completion in the Spring of 2008. ATI Architects did the design. The construction was done by General Contractor S.W. Allen Construction, Inc. of Sacramento. Facility Services provided Construction Management Services.

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