• Armijo High School
    824 Washington Street
    Fairfield, CA 94533
    Athletic Fields & Landscaping Modernization
    field  The football field and track were modernized at Armijo High School over the Summer of 2005. The District was able to use leftover modernization funds from Measure C to finance the work.
    The Board decided to reconstruct the track and turf at Brownlee field to address serious concerns over the safety and playability of the facilities. The project includes a new regulation sized soccer and football field made out of synthetic turf. The new turf consists of synthetic grass infilled with two inches of sand and small rubber pellets. With the rubber, the field is much softer than natural grass so it helps prevent injuries.

    field The turf can be played on 24/7 and doesn’t need rest like grass. The field also has striping, end zones and yard line markers permanently sewn in.

    The new track has 8 lanes with an all weather rubberized coating. With the new track, the school can now host track meets which is something the school has never been able to do since the opening in 1954.

    The rubber infill for the turf is manufactured out of recycled tennis shoes and the track rubber is made out of over 6,700 recycled tires. The new turf at Armijo and Fairfield High Schools combined will save the District approximately $63,000 per year on maintenance, fertilizer, mowing and water bills.
    The additional modernization work at Armijo also included much needed landscape improvements between the classroom wings and new visitor bleachers. The landscaping helps improve the aesthetics of the campus, but also provides new handicap accessible pathways. 
    ahs field ahs field landscaping The field work was completed in the Fall of 2005, with the football field ready in time for the first home game. O.C. Jones of Berkeley was the General Contractor. Subcontractors on the project included Talus, Steiny, Quality Sound and Sportexe for the installation of the synthetic turf. Construction Management was provided by Facility Services of Napa. Beals Alliance of Sacramento prepared the design plans. The landscaping improvements were done by RMT Landscaping with design by Quadriga. 

    During the summer of 2011, construction was completed on the new 14,640 square foot library building. The previous library, at 4,603 square feet, was significantly undersized for the student population existing at Armijo. 
    The new facility was designed to allow for flexible, open spaces, allowing for multiple classes to be conducted simultaneously. The space is also designed to host large meetings, allows flexible furniture, and includes collaboration spaces for independent and group learning. There is a technology centered focus on all areas. The library facility consists of 8,000 square feet of open library space 
    capable of hosting large presentations, an Audio Visual Storage room, three small study rooms designed for student group projects that can be opened up into one larger room, a Media Technology room which will be soundproof and can be used for filming, recording and video editing, 1,500 square feet of high density book storage able to hold over 15,000 books, 1,500 square feet of computer lab large enough for two classes, staff & student restrooms, and staff work rooms, offices, and storage. 
    Anova Architects was the project Architect, JDS Builders Group was the General Contractor on the job and Facility Services provided Construction Management. 

    Administration Building
    By the end of the summer in 2014 construction was completed on a new, nearly 12,000 square foot Administration/Counseling building to support the student body and staff. This building now houses administrative and counseling offices, conference rooms, work rooms and a generously sized staff lounge. Some of its features include natural lighting and ventilation, photovoltaic and "cool roof" material comprised of solar panels which generate enough energy to supply lighting and data for the operation of building, energy efficient mechanical systems, low or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and inclusion of an "energy dashboard", or electronic link that provides real-time data and can be used by teachers and staff as an educational tool to observe the energy consumption and savings for the building. 
    MADI, Group was the project Architect, D.L. Falk was the General Contractor on the job and Facility Services provided Construction Management.  

    During the summer of 2015, the quad was constructed in the old agriculture area between the new library and administration building. 
    The quad, approximately 0.7 acres in area, is comprised of paved pathways linking the annex to the main campus and the new administration and library buildings. The center of the quad is a large circle stained purple with a large "A" and "Indians" engraved in the concrete. The quad is also comprised of lawn areas, landscaped bio-swales and areas for kids to gather during breaks. 
    MADI, Group was the project Architect, and Swank Construction was the General Contractor on the job.