Facilities Master Plan

  •  Master Planning Process  

    The Governing Board approved the list of prioritized projects on April 28, 2016, totaling $235,753,910.  The list of projects are identified by site and category and are prioritized into three levels. To learn more about the process of selecting the priorities, please click here.

    Level 1:
    Projects that could be completed with the passage of Measure J

    Level 2:
    Projects that could be completed should State funding become available
    Level 3:
    Projects that could be completed should additional funding become available
    To learn more about Measure J, please click here.

Facilities Master Plan Table of Contents

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What is a Facilities Master Plan?

  • Facility master planning is, by its nature, a broad endeavor. It is a process by which many stakeholders provide input regarding long-range, strategic issues relating to the District's educational and operational goals. The Facility Master Plan is a "living" document and a strategic planning tool that identifies short-term and long-term facility goals within the District for the next 10-20 years. 
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    To view all Board presentations and for more detailed information regarding the process to create a Facilities Master Plan, click here. To view the supporting demographic report, please click here.