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    Important Advanced Placement Information

    At Rodriguez High School we hope to provide transparent, honest, and current information on AdvancedPlacement courses, testing, scores, and any other important information for our students, parents, andteachers to access. The information posted is information that comes directly from the College Board.The College Board an organization that prepares and administers standardized tests that are used incollege admission and placement. Any regulation, rule, and deadline that Rodriguez High School upholdsare directives given by the College Board.

    Click the links below to find out important information

    about Advanced Placement from the College

    AP Credit Policy

    Find colleges and universities that offer credit or placement for AP scores. This link will be a vital resource when evaluating what schools you plan on attending at what credit they give you for taking specific AP classes.

    2016 AP Testing Dates

    This link will give you the testing schedule set out by the College Board.

    2016 AP Late Testing Schedule

    This link will give you the late testing schedule in case you have a validreasons for taking a late test.

    AP Late Testing Policy 

    This link will explain reasons for which late testing (using an alternate form of the exam) will and will not be allowed. 

    AP Exam Policies

    This link will explain what policies keep your test experience fair and secure. Most importantly the test will explain what you can and can’t do on exam day.

    AP Scores Access

    This link will provide access for students to access their score once scores have been

    AP Student Help

    This link will give you access to AP’s most frequently asked questions. 

    AP Exam Fee Reductions

     For those students experiencing economic difficulties this link explains the AP's fee reduction policies