• Our GATE program provides groupings and structures appropriate for gifted education and available to all gifted learners.  The program options support both the cognitive and affective needs of the students and provide opportunities, within the school day, for gifted students to work with their intellectual peers. Differentiated instruction will be a component of all program options.  

Elementary Schools

  • The program options for elementary grades include cluster grouping and magnet classes.  Please click on the two links below to learn more about the GATE service models in our elementary grades.  

    Cluster Grouping Magnet Classes

Middle Schools

  • Effective for the 2016-2017 school year, all four comprehensive middle schools, B. Gale Wilson, Crystal, Grange, and Green Valley, will have a GATE program. Unless an open enrollment request is submitted and granted, GATE students will attend the GATE program at their middle school of residence.

    Please click on the logos below to learn more about the GATE programs offered at each of our four comprehensive middle schools. 


    Wilson K-8 School Crystal Middle School Grange Middle School Green Valley Middle School

Schools of Choice

  • Both schools of choice, Matt Garcia Career and College Academy and Fairfield-Suisun USD Public Safety Academy, implement the cluster grouping model. GATE students, in grades 5-8, are clustered at each grade level and receive support through their Learning Plans.  

    Please click on the logos below to learn more about the GATE programs offered at our two schools of choice.

    Matt Garcia Career & College Academy Fairfield-Suisun USD Public Safety Academy