District Goals

  • District Office We are a student-centered district where children come first and remain the underlying reason for our push for continued excellence. Thanks to the combined efforts of our talented and dedicated staff, outstanding support from our Board of Education, involved parents and a community that values education, our students benefit from a rich and varied curriculum. As we utilize our LCAP to provide a first-class educational program, our ongoing commitment is to improve student achievement and to support all areas of student development.

    Maintain and develop technologically progressive schools.

Vision Statement

  • FSUSD is a premier learning community that empowers each student to thrive in an ever-changing world.

    Board adopted: November 13, 2014
    Board readopted: September 24, 2020

Mission Statement

  • In a safe, welcoming, and supportive learning environment, we provide innovative educational opportunities to develop resilient students who are inspired to succeed. 

    Board adopted: November 13, 2014

Board Equity Statement

  • FSUSD values and promotes inclusive learning environments by providing all students with tools to be empowered in our educational system and the future. We welcome and value community and family engagement because it is essential to the success of each student. Educational opportunities will be founded on rigorous instruction and positive relationships. An equitable, high quality education will be provided to every student at all school sites. FSUSD is committed to making equity-driven decisions that lead to improved opportunities and outcomes for historically and currently underserved students.

    Board adopted: August 22, 2019
    Board readopted: August 27, 2020

Focus Areas


    With students as the center of our focus, the following four focus areas form the basis for improvement efforts in important areas of the district's operations:

    Create safe, inclusive and welcoming learning environments where students attend and are connected to their schools.

    •     Provide opportunities for co-extracurricular activities for students
    •     Develop and implement an articulated plan to prevent truancy and chronic absenteeism, and reduce suspension and expulsion rates
    •     Support programs to meet the instructional needs of all students, including International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, Gifted and Talented Education, Advancement Via Individual Determination, Dual Immersion, and Science/Technology/Engineering/Math (STEM)

    Engage parents and community partners through education, communication, and collaboration to promote student success.

    •     Continue to develop a plan to provide Spanish bilingual support staff at school sites with high concentration of Spanish speaking parents and students
    •     Collaborate with the police departments of Fairfield and Suisun City regarding student safety and development of the Sullivan Interagency Youth Services
    •     Strengthen and increase counseling services for students 

    Refine and expand targeted intervention and supports for students' academic, health, and social-emotional development.


    Execute high quality instructional programs and provide educational options to ensure every student graduates college and career ready.

    To learn more about our district goals, click here to view our Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP).