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  • Community College

    Community College, sometimes called a junior college, is a two-year school that offers reasonably priced higher education as a pathway to a four-year degree. According to the Department of Education (Feb 2017) there are 1,462 community colleges in the United States. Completing a 2-year degree at a community college is called an associate’s degree. There are 114 colleges in the California Community College system. Click here to learn more about the California Community College network. 

    California State University (CSU)

    The California State University is all about access and excellence. The CSU gives you the tools you need to succeed in life, professionally and personally. There are 23 campuses from which to choose, with over 3,000 undergraduate degree and certificate programs. You'll be in contact with faculty who are not only top in their fields, but also committed to teaching. If you come to the CSU, you join a dynamic and diverse community of students. Over 460,000 strong, our students are active and involved on their campuses and in their communities. Click here to learn more about CSU. 

    University of California (UC)

    The University of California includes nine undergraduate campuses throughout the state - Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Merced, Riverside, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz. A 10th campus, UC San Francisco, offers professional and graduate programs in the health sciences. Before enrolling at UCSF, students must complete a minimum of two, and usually three or more, years of college-level work at another institution. UC has built an international reputation for academic excellence, with undergraduate education as one of its highest priorities. UC has outstanding academic programs, faculty, libraries and research facilities. Whether you want a broad liberal arts education, preparation for graduate study, or training for a particular profession, UC has a program to meet your needs. To learn more about the University of California colleges, click here.

    Independent Colleges and Universities

    California's independent colleges and universities are an excellent choice for many students. There are over 75 nonprofit, independent colleges and universities in the state. The most important criteria for selecting a college or university is how well it fits with your personality, values, and goals. Because every nonprofit, independent college and university has a unique character, there will be at least one that fits your needs. Unlike the University of California or the California State University systems, each California nonprofit, independent college and university has its own governing board. This independence allows for a diverse set of college opportunities in California.  For more information about California's independent colleges and universities, click here.

  • How to Get to College 

    Click link for details on College Roadmap


    Start your Career and/or College search through Naviance

    Naviance is a comprehensive college and career readiness solution for middle and high schools that helps align student strengths and interests to post-secondary goals, and improve student outcomes. Naviance Student is a tool to help students and their parents discover a multitude of career and college opportunities. Students login using their FSUSD email and password. For Parents wanting access, please contact for registration code.
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College Ready