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About AP

  • Advanced Placement Program (AP)

    The Advanced Placement program allows students the chance to accomplish college level work while still attending high school This allows them to better prepare for college coursework putting them ahead of the game. By taking AP exams, students are able to earn college credits and placement and in AP classes, just like in college students will be faced with new challenges and learn new skills in subjects that they care about. All with the support of classmates and teachers.


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  • If you're looking for a reason to sign up, there are plenty advantages in taking Advanced Placement classes.


    1. Students Receive an impactful learning experience.

    2. Earn College Credits and Advanced Placement

    3. Demonstrated college readiness skills

    4. Gains skills that will help to excel in college.


    Classes Offered:

    AP Calculus

    AP English Literature & Composition

    AP English Language & Composition

    AP US History

    AP European History

    AP Environmental Science

    AP Art

    AP Spanish Language

How to Enroll?

  • If you are interested in taking an AP course, please contact your AP site coordinator or AP teacher for more information on getting into the program.

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