Educational Programs

  • Consistent with our mission to provide innovative educational opportunities we are proud to offer myriad programs to our students to empower them to thrive in our ever-changing world.

Dual Immersion

  • FSUSD is home to an expanding K - 8 Dual Immersion (Spanish) magnet program. Dual Immersion is an academically based program where Spanish is used as a vehicle of instruction, not the focus. Teachers use the Common Core State Standards to guide instruction in Language Arts, Mathematics and all other subjects. It is proven that young children learn a second language more naturally at a young age, so the Dual Immersion Program follows the "90-10"model.

    English Learners Master Plan

Benefits from Dual Immersion

    • Young children learn a second language more naturally at a young age. 
    • Bi-literate skills give students more career options.
    • The study of a second-language helps develop strong thinking and reasoning skills useful for problem-solving.


    • El aprendizaje de lenguajes es más natural para niños.
    • El aprendizaje de lenguajes promueve retos al desarrollo mental.
    • El aprendizaje de lenguajes preparará al estudiante para la diversidad.
    • Ofrece más oportunidades de empleo en el mundo global.