Attendance Matters!

  • Please call your student in sick when they are home ill. After 3 days out, we require a doctor's note to excuse the absence.

Note from the Principal

  • Every Day Counts in a child’s education.  Every day a student misses school, he/she gets more than two days behind his/her peers, because he/she must make up missed learning and catch up with new learning at the same time.  We have a number of exciting attendance initiatives to support your child’s academic growth. 


    Students who have perfect attendance each month will be entered into a monthly drawing to be recognized with a special announcement and prize.  Students who have perfect attendance for the entire year will be special guests at a pizza party with the principal at the end of the year.


    School begins at 8:10 am; students who are late will have the opportunity to make up lost instructional time during lunch recess each day.  They will be able to complete work provided by their teacher or read an Accelerated Reader book.   Please join us in making every day count for student achievement.