David C. Isom

Meet the Governing Board

  • A member of the Governing Board since 2010, Mr. Isom has served as President, President-Elect, and Clerk of the Board. Mr. Isom is the Senior Pastor at St. Stephen Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.  Prior to this position, he served as Senior Pastor of the Miles Memorial CME Church in Tacoma, Washington. 

    In addition to his role on the Governing Board, Mr. Isom has served on the Fairfield Police Department's Citizens Review Board and the Fairfield Police Department’s Promotion Panel.  Mr. Isom has also volunteered as a Domestic Violence Advocate at SafeQuest Solano, LIFT3 Support Group, the Family Violence Unit of the FPD and the Office on Family Violence Prevention for Solano County.

    Mr. Isom has mentored "at-risk" students for over twenty-five years. He believes that every child should have the opportunity to be successful in life and that public education is the KEY to providing that opportunity.