Transitional Kindergarten

  • School Bus Transitional Kindergarden, or "TK": 
    Is for children who turn 5 after the California State September 1st birth date cutoff requirement for Kindergarten placement.
    TK is the first year of a two-year Kinder program for these students. 
    From TK, they progress to Kindergarten the following school year. The eligibility for TK is based upon California State guidelines, for children with birth dates ranging from September 2nd to December 2nd.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: TK Students are NOT qualified for Open Enrollment Transfers to other schools. They are guaranteed an opportunity for placement at their resident school unless it is determined by district administration that a particular school will not have TK due to enrollment numbers in the demographic area. If that is the case, the parents of that school will be called and offered placement opportunity at another of our elementary sites that have space in the grade, with the parent's understanding that transportation will not be provided.
    If your child qualifies for TK this year, enroll on the Registration Page and follow instructions to complete the registration at your resident zoned school. 

"Early TK" aka ETK

  • "EARLY TK" aka ETK
    FSUSD has modified our policy to allow for the possible admission of children who turn five after the Kindergarten and TK eligibility cutoff; those with birth dates ranging from December 3rd to the last day of that school year. This determination will be on an AS - SPACE - IS - AVAILABLE basis. 
    *IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT register your "ETK" eligible child through the district's online registration form!
    Request your child to be added to the "ETK Waiting List" either by calling your school's office or the Elementary Education Department at 399-5041.
    This ETK placement opportunty from the waiting list will be determined after the school year starts. The school district will notify parents as, or if, spaces are determined available to offer, and after all of the state qualified TK students (with birth dates between 9/2 - 12/2) have been registered.
    *PLEASE, again, do not register your "ETK" child through the online registration form unless you have been contacted by the school district office with the placement approval. At that time you will be instructed to do so. 
    Thank you, 
    Elementary Ed. 

Which Schools will have TK in 2019-20?


    ALL school sites will be accepting registration for TK (Transitional Kindergarten) for the 19-20 school year, until it is determined through enrollment projections if a school's TK enrollment doesn't support a class there. Those parents will be contacted for other school options, with guaranteed placement (but no transportation provided), closer to the new school year start.  


  • Elementary Education Department

    (707) 399-5041

    Secretary III: Leann Lytle

    Secretary II: Monica Gonzalez


Optional Preschool Resources:


    (Free: Qualifies by income)




    (Community Center)




    "S.P.A.C.E. Program" Solano Parent and Child Education (3-5 yr olds):




    "GOOGLE IT" - There are many many more private and commercial preschools at your fingertips.

    Best of luck!

Which Schools Did NOT have TK in 18-19?

  • David A. Weir

    E. Ruth Sheldon

    Suisun Valley


    *These school's TK classes were "collapsed" due to planning logistics by the district. Each year it will be determined if this is necessary for any elementary school site. If a TK class is "collapsed", parents of our CA State qualified and registered TK students will be offered quaranteed placement at another of the district's TK school site for the remainder of the school year. Transportation is not provided. If accepted, that student remains at the temporary TK site for the remainder of the year and will roll back to their own resident school for their next Kindergarten year. 

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