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  • For 5 years, the KACE ticket system has helped the TSS department organize and prioritize its work, resulting in dramatic gains in the speed of technology support that we provide everyone in our district.

    Now, it's time to retire KACE so that we can further improve support and the availability of our ticket system.

    Starting October 15th, our new ticket system, called FMX, will become available for all staff to use, and for one month, both the KACE and FMX ticket systems will be active. This will give all staff plenty of time to get comfortable with FMX while having KACE to fall back on. Until November 15th, our ticket system link, servicedesk.fsusd.org will point to a landing page where links to both systems will be available. After November 15th, the servicedesk.fsusd.org link will point directly to FMX, and KACE will be retired.

    With FMX in place, you'll be able to put technology help requests in from anywhere you have an Internet connection, using any device. Because FMX is also the ticket system being used by the Maintenance department, we’ll be able to seamlessly pass work back and forth between TSS and Maintenance, greatly improving efficiency on shared projects. Finally, since FMX uses our Google accounts for login, accessing the system won't require you to input a password when you are already signed in to Gmail, Drive, or any other Google service! Try it, and you'll find it to be just as easy to use as putting in a KACE ticket or sending an email.