• S.T.A.R.

    Behavior Matrix

    Comet, Falling Star, Shooting




    To Do

    Your Best


    Yourself & Others

    Arrival and Dismissal

    Bus & Bus Stop

    *Walk & Wait in designated areas

    *Listen to bus    driver.

    *Stay in assigned seat

    *Be on Time to school  

    *Be on time to pick-up areas

    *Keep Electronic Devices Off

    *Be Alert

    *Check for personal items

    *Remind others to stay in seat and use quiet voices.

    *Listen and follow all staff directions  

    *Keep hands, feet, and materials to yourself.  

    *Use appropriate voice level and language

    Classroom Including Art, Music, PE, Library & Lab

    *Follow classroom rules

    *Take care of school property and materials

    *Follow Adult Directions

    *Be honest  

    *Complete work on time


    *Be on time

    *Work hard

    *Be a problem solver

    *Be considerate

    *Use polite words

    *Cooperatively work with others


    *Proper use of restroom

    *Wash your hands with soap and water.

    *Keep restroom clean     

    *Return promptly

    *Clean up as needed

    *Inform adults about restroom issues


    *Walk with staff permission


    Equipment in   designated areas

    *Keep all food to self  

    *Use restaurant etiquette

    * Stay in assigned seat

    *Pick up trash  

    *Stay in personal space

    *Be kind

    *Be helpful

    *Listen to all staff  

    *Use good manners  

    *Silence when music is on

    Common Areas

    Courtyards, hallways,


    *Walk quietly and appropriately

    *Stay in single file line

    *Walk to and return from destination in a timely manner

    *Keep hands and feet to yourself

    *Remain quiet

    *Stay together

    *Listen to all staff  

    *Respect the personal space of others

    *Respect other classrooms


    *Play safely on play structure

    *Use equipment appropriately

    *Run on grass area

    *Respond to the whistle

    *Eat morning snacks at bench

    *Report all dangerous problems  

    *Keep the area clean  

    *Walk to and return from destination in a timely manner

    *Play approved games

    *Be encouraging and kind

    *Use good sportsmanship

    *Be a good sport

    *Be active

    *Be respectful to All

    *Listen and follow directions.

    Public Areas:Office Assemblies, Field Trips, Speakers MU

    *Use appropriate voice level and language

    *Stay in designated area

    *Walk to and return from destination in a timely manner

    *Practice good listening  

    *Be a good role model

    *Be a Crescent Star

    *Be Polite

    *Show appreciation