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Home Language Surveys & Primary Language Assessments

  • Parents who register online (Aeries AIR),complete the "Language Information"questions (pg. 2 of Aeries AIR enrollment packet). A printed copy MUST be sent to Melissa Mata in English Learners & Instructional Support. Aeries AIR Sample
    Students that do not register online MUST complete the District Home Language Survey(HLS) form. HLS Sample 
    Who completes a HLS:
    1. New students in the district must complete a new HLS.
    2. Returning students previously enrolled in the district must also complete a new HLS.
    3. Students transferring schools within FSUSD should not complete a new HLS.
    Who completes a Primary Language Assessment(PLS) form is needed for students (PLS Sample):
    1. Who speak a language other than English listed on questions 1, 2, or 3 on the HLS must complete the PLS  
    2. Born outside the U.S, if they speak English  
    ALL Home Language Surveys and Primary Language Assessment Surveys must be sent to Melissa Mata in English Learners & Instructional Support. 
    *Note that HLS from 2010 onward are still acceptable. *
    *Please be mindful when ordering new forms. *

Migrant Education

  • The Migrant Education Eligibility form is used to identify families who may qualify to receive supplemental educational and health services.  
    Who must completed the eligibility form?
    The form must be included in enrollment packets. If a family indicates yes on BOTH answers please send form to Melissa Mata in English Learners and Instructional Support.
    If not, please shred form.