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    Families may reach Lauren at 435-5800 or at laurenve@fsusd.org. Click more on the "Resources" tab for more information.

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Lisa Lewis, Assistant Principal

  • Lisa Lewis, FSUSD Crystal Middle School Assistant Principal Ms. Lisa Lewis has been a dedicated employee of the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District for ten years. Ms. Lewis joined FSUSD in August of 2007, when she was hired to teach a two/three combination elementary classroom at Fairview Elementary School. She transferred to Crystal Middle School in August of 2011, teaching sixth grade. Lisa has remained at Crystal and began this year as a sixth grade teacher. As the year unfolded, a decision was made to have Lisa serve as Teacher on Special Assignment for this school year supporting the students at Crystal Middle School and the Administrative Team in an administrative capacity.

    Ms. Lewis has been recognized as an exceptional teacher, who then began to hone her leadership skills through a variety of means while at Fairview Elementary School and Crystal Middle School. She has supported students as the Site GATE Program Manager, has provided additional service through our Extended Year Programs, and she has continued her collaboration with teachers, parents, and students for the betterment of the educational community.

    Ms. Lewis is well-respected in the District by her peers and administrators. She has built strong relationships with students and parents over the years, and has thrived in both school communities, most recently in an administrative capacity. Ms. Lewis believes in remaining focused on increasing student achievement, and uses the ideas of expanding the skills of teachers through technology to do so. Ms. Lewis has been instrumental in supporting Crystal Middle School teachers with implementing engaging lessons designed to connect with students and to support the advancement of children's skills.

    Ms. Lewis has a passion for working with children, a superb knowledge base in the areas of Common Core instruction, and has been able to build positive instructional practices that are innovative, supported by technology, and increase the engagement of students. We believe that these attributes will support the instructors at Crystal Middle School.

    This opportunity to expand her experiences in a formal Assistant Principal position at Crystal Middle School will further support her development and assist the students of Crystal Middle School on their journey through the middle school experience.

    The Administration Team fully supports the appointment of Ms. Lisa Lewis as the new Assistant Principal of Crystal Middle School. 

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