• Joint Use of Facilities

    The District has contractual agreements with the City of Fairfield and the City of Suisun City for Joint Use of Facilities.  The priority for use of District facilities are as follows:

    1. Site
    2. City of Fairfield/City of Suisun
    3. Outside groups

    Joint Use Requests with the City of Fairfield and the City of Suisun City are applied using a specific form.

    Below you will find a copy of the Joint Use Agreement (JUA), the Joint Use Agreement Facilities Usage Application, and associated forms. Please complete the JUA Facilities Usage Application by typing within the Word document and saving the file--DO NOT print. Send the file as an attachment and email to: Aaron J Garcia (aaronga@fsusd.org) and Rachel Dula (racheld@fsusd.org) for processing. DO NOT send to the city. Please include (i.e. CC) your side administrator/supervisor when submitting the JUA Word document.

    The accompanying setup diagrams for use of Willow Hall and other meeting locations must be completed and submitted with the JUA Facilities Usage Application. Requests for the use of the Nelson Center in Suisun City requires an additional form; see below. The setup diagrams and the Nelson Center application form may be submitted in PDF format.

    Once approved, Factilities will email the approved JUA application to the requester/requesting Department--this is sufficient back up to begin a requisition in Escape, if fees are applicable.

    Any questions, please contact Facilities at 707.399.5148 or by email to: Aaron J Garcia (aaronga@fsusd.org) and Rachel Dula (racheld@fsusd.org).