• Please provide us as much detail as possible in regards to the type of experience you are looking for. Take a moment and see what we are currently able to offer over at our YouTube Playlist located HERE. We will do our best to accomidate your needs and wants. If we do not have access to the exact experience you are looking for, we will look for a simliar option that we do have access to and notify you of any changes.


  • When submitting your ticket, please provide the date and time frame you would like to have our Virtual Reality setup at your site. Please keep in mind that we currently are only equipped with one setup and that does limit the time and amount of students we can get through. We usually keep it to about 1-2 Minutes per student or 3 minutes if time allows. If staff is available for the date and time of your choosing we will confirm with you to lock it into our Calendar. While it may take some time to confirm staffing for the event, we will get back to you either way to Confirm or reschedule.  


  • Please notify us in the ticket as to where the event will be held. This includes Site Name as well as room and/or building location. Please keep in mind that the following requirements are needed in order to properly setup the VR Equipment. 


    • Play Area: 10x10 Square Foot Space
    • Power: Within Close Proximity To A Power Source
    • Display: Room/Location With Access To A TV (If Not Available, Please Notify Us Ahead Of Time and We Can Accomidate)
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