Stone Core Ninja Fitness Employee Incentives

  • The Stone Core Ninja Fitness is a "fitness experience inspired by the television reality show American Ninja Warrior". They note that "Ninja Warrior Training" is an art of movement in which you train the body and mind to overcome obstacles", it "emphasizes strength, flexibility, balance, body control, creativity, fluidity, discipline, and precision". Stone Core Ninja Fitness brings the "5 Core Attitudes to kids and teens in achieving positive personal growth, self-worth and lifestyle balance". 


    Special Fairfield-Suisun Unified Employee Rates:

    Adults get a one time trail for just $10.00

    Kids get one free day


    Membership Rates

                Adults: $60.00/Month (No Start Up Fee)

    Kids Option 1: -$10.00 Off Plan/Month (50% Off Start-Up Fee)

    Kids Option 2: -$10.00 Off Plan/Month (50% Off Start-Up Fee)

    Kids Option 3: -$10.00 Off Plan/Month (50% Off Start-Up Fee)


    Package Options  


    P.E. Option



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