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    SHOTOKAN KARATE ACADEMY SUISUN CITY invites you and your family to begin a wonderful journey through martial arts and wellness. Sensei John and Anisa Kinsey have over 20+ years training each. Sempai Cierra Kinsey has over 11 years training. We can’t wait to meet you.


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    Develop self-control, respect,   discipline, and values that help you become lifelong learners.

    Memory & Focus:

    Will help sharpen mental focus, memory and retention skills in all facets of your life.


    Will ensure you understand the importance of body awareness and coordination.


    Will work with you to develop communication skills and social skills utilizing partner work and drills.


    Days: Mondays & Wednesdays

    Time: 6yrs & up: Introductory Class/Level I Class 5pm-5:45pm

               7yrs & up: Level II Class 6 pm-6:45 pm (must complete lvl I)

               18 yrs & up: Level III Adult Class 7pm-7:45pm

    COST: $30 per person per month No Contracts. Includes: Free Uniform

               *Testing Fees Apply*  See instructor for details


    Chief Instructors: John & Anisa Kinsey

    Asst. Instructor: Sempai Cierra Kinsey

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