• The procedure for reporting when a student gets injured in your class or in your presence has changed.  NBSIA, (North Bay School Insurance Authority) has discontinued the paper forms for Student Accident Reporting, and everything is now submitted through their online portal at their website, NBSIA.org
    When you submit a report through this portal the principal and the business office will automatically get an electronic copy, so you no longer submit the paper forms to the office, nor do you need an administrator's signature.  The online form ask the same questions as the paper form. (Attached is a form for your reference)

    Follow these instructions:
    •  Go to NBSIA.org and open the tab "property & liability
      ​ ( P & L Forms Bank):
    •  open the tab "forms bank"
    •  open the link "Student Accident Report Submission: (left hand side of page)
    •  Populate the fields using drop down menus and magnifying glass.  (Fields with red  asterisks are mandatory and your form will not submit without these  complete)
    •  Enter the student's last name first,(comma) followed by first name.  (Same  for parent name)  
    •  The comment box is where you can write any details or any information that  didn't fit in anywhere else in the drop down boxes.
    • Don't forget to include the name of the person who is submitting the report (the section labelled "Report by")
    •  Submit your report - ​the​ principal and ​Fiscal Services will get an email confirmation