Helen Tilley

Meet the Governing Board

  • Ms. Tilley was elected to the Governing Board in November 2020. This is her second term, the first having concluded in 2011. In addition to serving on the Board, Ms. Tilley is a private attorney-mediator providing alternative dispute resolution services by appointment through her Benicia and San Ramon offices.  She has spent her professional career in the field of law, assisting Solano and Contra Costa County litigants in resolving their disputes by agreement since 1993.  

    In addition to providing mediation services, Ms. Tilley is an adjunct law professor and Subject Matter Expert with National University, where she continues to prepare the next generation of attorneys for the ethical practice of law.   

    As a parent of a former FSUSD student, Ms. Tilley sees herself as a voice for parents and families in the District.  She believes her past Board experience, and ongoing personal experience in law, mediation and teaching contribute to her success as a Board member.