FSUSD Account Creation

  • FSUSD affiliated social media accounts (not including those for students, registered Student Organizations, or for individuals) must:

    1. Register the social media channel.
    2. Follow the permitted uses of the district name as outlined in the district editorial style guide.
    3. Follow the social media guidelines and best practices.

Social media handle naming and logo use convention

    • For district/school site affiliated accounts, the recommended naming structure is to start the handle with FSUSD (or applicable school site) and finish with the department/group name after - “FSUSD[NAME OF DEPARTMENT]" or "AHS[counseling].
    • When considering your handle name, look at the name to see if it spells anything strange. Avoid acronyms, underscores and periods if possible. For example: 
      • @FSUSDcounseling  ๐Ÿ‘ YES!
      • @FSUSDCCC  ๐Ÿ‘Ž NO!