Best Practices for Social Media Communicators

  • The use of social media has exploded over the last 15 years and with it the demand for skilled communicators to manage social media. Effective social media communication balances visuals and copywriting with community management, technical expertise, strategy and data skills. Arguably, the most important skill needed for social media communications is the ability to be flexible and move with the changing tides online.

    Administrative Services & Community Engagement is here to support your efforts as we all work to raise the profile of FSUSD. We know that you have questions — lots of them. As you begin to assess the time and resources needed to manage an affiliate account, here are some best practices our team has learned. We hope you pick up a tip or two.

  • How to sunset an account The simple best practices for closing a social media account.
  • Safety, security and legacy Basic precautions to keep your university accounts secure.
  • Social media accessibility ensuring our message gets to everyone, equally.