General Obligation Bond passed:   March 5, 2002 
    Bond Issuance:                            $100 milionlibrary
    State matching funding:              $94 million
    Other capital funding:                  $14 million
    In 2002, the residents in Fairfield and Suisun voted for the passage of Measure C to provide adequate classrooms, make essential health, safety and building repairs at aging school facilities, and relieve overcrowding by acquiring, constructing or renovating local school sites. Measure C was one of the most successful bond programs in the State with nearly 50 projects completed.  Please see below for a complete list of projects completed.


    funding Funding 2


    A local Citizens' Oversight Committee was formed to oversee the use of Measure C funds.  To find out more and to view the reports provided to the Committee, please
    Below is a list of projects completed and total amount spent at each school.  Click on the schools to learn more about how the Measure C funds fulfilled a community commitment.
    Elementary Schools   Middle Schools   High Schools/Others
    Anna Kyle   Crystal   Armijo High School
     $6,781,615    $19,860,438    $22,852,058
    Expanded the library   Built a new school   Modernized the campus
    Modernized the campus       Built a new library
    Expanded and relocated admin   Grange   Built a new administration
    Added 12 classrooms   $11,471,522   Added a synthetic track and field
        Added a new    Built a quad
         admin building    
    Cleo Gordon   Added a field    
     $509,237   Added a gym    
    Added kindergarten complex   Added 4 classrooms   Fairfield High School
        Built a multi-purpose room   $15,518,716
    Cordelia Hills   Modernized the campus   Modernized the campus
     $24,679,019       Expanded the library
    Purchased land       Added a synthetic track and field
    Built the new school      
         Green Valley  
    Crescent    $28,067,538   Amy Blanc Site (current PSA)
     $12,307,396    Purchased land    $990,913
    Built the new school    Built the new school   Built a kindergarten complex
    Dan O. Root       Bransford (current Adult School)
     $105,873        $1,932,002
    Added an HVAC / Energy Mgt. system       Added a new library
    David Weir       Dover
     $9,210,112        $3,195,179
    School conversion       Built a band building
            Modernized the campus
    E. Ruth Sheldon        
     $4,147,836       Sem Yeto (421 Madison Street)
    Modernized the campus       $1,825,229
    Added 1 classroom       Modernized the campus
    Added kindergarten complex        
    Added multi-purpose room       Sullivan 
    Fairview       Modernized the campus
     $ 1,179,167
          Built a band building
    Added kindergarten complex       Added 12 classrooms
    KI Jones        
     $ 500,179
    Added kindergarten building        
    Rolling Hills        
    Built the new school        
    Suisun Elementary        
    Added 12 classrooms        
    Suisun Valley        
    Modernized the campus        
    Added a new administration        
    Built a multi-purpose room        
    Added 3 Classrooms        
    Modernized the campus        
    Built a new library        
    Built a new administration        
    Added a multi-purpose room        
    Added 8 classrooms        
    Built a kindergarten complex