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    The California Clean Energy Jobs Act was created by a statewide election on November 6, 2012. The program provides funding to local educational agencies for five years to create projects for energy efficiency while creating energy jobs in California. Allocations are to be used to create energy efficiency projects while generating new jobs. In order to receive these funds, the District is required to submit an Energy Expenditure Plan to the California Energy Commission justifying the use of the funds.  The Energy Expenditure Plan is based on priority levels and reasonable return-on-investment criteria identifying eligible energy projects. The funds can be used annually, or co-mingled with the previous year's unused allocations on projects eligible under the Proposition 39 Guidelines. For more information about Proposition 39, click here.


    The following are the District's reserved allocations:

    ·       2013-2014: $982,704

    ·       2014-2015: $870,431

    ·       2015-2016: $798,294

    ·       2016-2017: $1,233,849

    The District hired a consultant to conduct American Society Heating Refrigeration Air-Conditioning Engineer (ASHRAE) level two audits, analyze the data, establish benchmarks, identify energy use intensity, recommend cost saving measures, prepare the reports, and create the five year Energy Expenditure Plan.


    The following are the project categories for the five year Energy Expenditure Plan:

    ·       Heating, ventilating and air conditioning unit replacement (15 years or older)

    ·       Retrofit interior lighting and exterior lighting

    ·       Variable frequency drive upgrades for the pool pumps

    ·       Energy Manager

     GREAT NEWS!!!!!! 
    The California Energy Commission approved the District's energy expenditure plan for an amount of $4,133,834.00! Click here to view the energy expenditure plan.
    District energy audit results:
    Five year Energy Expenditure Plan: