Getting Help with Technology

  • Getting the help you need with technology is easy!  Whether your computer is down, some software or website that we provide access to is not working correctly, or even if you just have a question or need training, there's just one place to contact - the help desk.
    Input a request directly in the FMX ticket system.
    Submit a Technology Ticket
    All staff members have the ability to input a help request directly into the FMX ticket system. This is the most efficient way to ask for help from the TSS department. When you call or e-mail us, our staff are trained to input your request into the system anyway, so, to save them time and effort, each staff member should input their own tickets and monitor the request over time. The system will automatically e-mail you any time the request is updated, and you can even update the request yourself with new information or ask for an update on the status of the problem at any time - on the record - by commenting on the ticket.
    Option 2 if Primary is not possible Call the Help Desk staff at (707) 399-5100. Use this option if you have no access to the Internet at all, or if you've already put in a help request and need to explain to us why the request you put in requires immediate attention.

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