Staff Directory
    The Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District online Staff Directory main page contains essential public contact information for department leads.  Please visit the department's staff page to obtain contact information for all members in each department. 
    Kris Corey, Superintendent 
    Linda Marsh, Executive Assistant, 399-5009 
     Martha Pierce, Executive Assistant, 399-5008
    Fax Number:  399-5160
    Administrative Services
    Angie Avlonitis, Executive Director
    Phone Number:  399-4323
    Fax Number:  399-5154
    Kenneth Whittemore, Assistant Superintendent
    Debra Dean, Administrative Assistant
    Phone Number: 399-5147
    Fax Number:  399-5139
    Damon Wright, Director
    Natalia Covin, Secretary III
    Phone Number:  399-5016
    Fax Number:  399-5139
    Michelle Henson, Assistant Superintendent
    Melissa Mata, Administrative Assistant
    Phone Number:  399-5123
    Fax Number:  399-5158
    Kim Morgan, Director
    Phone Number:  399-5014
    Fax Number:  399-5138
     Maintenance, Operations & Warehouse
    Mike Swearengin, Director
    Phone Number:  425-6494
    Fax Number:  425-8641
    Child Nutrition
    Phone Number:  399-5011
    Purchasing & Contracts
    Amanda Rish, Director
    Phone Number:  399-1235
    Fax Number:  399-5151
    Paul Speed, Executive Director
    Phone Number:  399-5148
    Fax Number:  399-6162
     Technology Support Services
    Chris Clark, Director
    Phone Number:  399-1200
    Fax Number:  399-5164
    Fiscal Services
    Laneia Grindle, Director
    Phone Number:  399-5123
    Fax Number:  399-5158
    Phone Number:  421-4246
    Fax Number:  421-4251
    Sheila McCabe, Assistant Superintendent
    Linda Mitchell, Secretary IV
    Phone Number: 399-5049
    Fax Number:  399-5152
    Elementary Education
    Ryan Gonzales, Director
    Phone Number:  399-5041
    Curriculum * Instruction * Assessment
    Melissa Farrar, Director
    Phone Number:  399-5076
    Special Education
    Phone Number:  399-5071
     Student Services
    Angie Avlonitis, Director
    Phone Number:  399-4323
    English Learners/Instructional Support
    Howard Kornblum, Director
    Phone Number:  399-5051
    Secondary Education
    Kristen Witt, Director
    Phone Number:  399-1230 
     Sullivan Interagency Youth Services Center
    2195 Union Avenue, Fairfield
    Phone Number:  399-4321