•    Special Education Transportation

    The Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District (FSUSD) Transportation Department is committed to providing eligible students a safe and positive riding environment consistent with federal and state laws.  The specific type of bus service provided is based on the individual needs of the student.  A District team determines the student's individual needs considering a variety of factors including the student's Individual Education Plan.

    Providing transportation to special needs students requires:

    - School bus drivers with a high level of competency and skill.

    - School buses equipped with:  a variety of passive restraints, and wheelchair seating including a wheelchair lift.

    - Parents, case managers, teachers, para-educators, and bus drivers working together supporting the student.


    Any changes (including address and telephone numbers) regarding your child's route must be made in writing to your child's teacher or case manager.  The teacher or case manager will inform the Transportation Department through a Bus Service Request (BSR).

    Bus Stop Assignment

    For reasons of safety and security, students are allowed only one designated bus stop with the same stop five days a week.  Multiple bus stops are not permitted.  A variable schedule is also not permitted.  Bus routes are created to enhance student safety while maximizing the ride time efficiency for each student.


    Bus Rider & Parent/Guardian Information

    Students should be at the bus stop and ready to board the bus 15 minutes prior to the a.m. pick up time.  The bus will depart at the stated time.  The bus will not wait or return. 

    Parents/Guardians must be available to receive your student 15 minutes prior to the after school drop off time.  No courtesy calls will be made. 

    Students must be met by an adult at the drop off bus stop unless the school site informed the Transportation Department (via a BSR) indicating your student is "self release".  The adult must be at least 18 years of agepreviously added to the student's emergency card/BSR, and must present current photo identification. 

    Under no exception are students allowed to board or disembark at any stop other than their assigned designated bus stop. 

    Pick up and drop off times will vary as students are added to and removed from your student's bus route throughout the school year.  For current pick up and drop off times throughout the year, check with your student's bus driver.