Technology Related Donations

  • FSUSD staff members maintain over 10,000 computers and printers for classroom and office use. We add new equipment each year and regularly need to replace outdated equipment. Donations can be an additional asset and are welcome if they are of sufficient quality and power to run current software and educational programs for several years. To ensure that donations will benefit the District’s computing and teaching environment, donations must meet or exceed the TSS department's standards for performance.

    To begin the process of accepting a technology related donation, please enter a FMX Ticket stating:
    1) the nature of the proposed donation, and
    2) contact information for the person donating the technology.
    The TSS department will make contact with the donating party, evaluate the donation on its merits, and provide the school with a report either accepting the donation for certain types of use or declining the donation with reasons for the denial.
    Acceptance of a technology donation cannot be completed by any party other than the FSUSD Board of Trustees.

    Equipment not meeting or exceeding TSS standards will not be accepted as a donation to the District. Sites or departments accepting substandard donations without approval from the TSS department will be charged a $50 fee per device for the removal of the equipment or a $50 fee per device plus parts/software costs for upgrading it to District standards.

    Revised 4/12/2015