Depth of Knowledge (DOK)


    The DOK has 4 levels. Depth of Knowledge, or DOK, is a way to think about content complexity, not content difficulty. That is the first thing with which people must come to understanding. Complexity is different from difficulty. For example, if students have not seen the word or content before, it might be difficult for them, but it is not complex.

    Level 1  DOK is recall and recognition.

    Level 2 – is about using a skill or a concept, i.e. Paraphrase. Conceptual understanding generally refers to the integration and application of concepts and other ideas within a content area. Procedural understanding denotes knowledge about skills and sequence of steps, when and how these should be used appropriately, and their efficient and accurate applications.

    Level 3 DOK requires strategic thinking. Analysis and other examples are given here. Non-routine problem solving like in reading and determining author’s purpose is Level 3.

    Level 4  DOK requires extended thinking usually requires work over a period of time, including gathering information, analyzing findings, preparing reports, and presenting findings. 


Depth of Knowledge Documents