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CTE in FSUSD: Pathways to endless possibilities

  • FSUSD is proud to offer 16 Career Technical Education (CTE) pathways across four schools: Armijo High School, Fairfield High School, the Public Safety Academy, and Rodriguez High School. These pathways span 11 different industry sectors, all relevant to local workforce opportunities. 
    Each pathway provides FSUSD's 11th and 12th graders with a career-ready sequence of courses that can lead directly into employment, including with local trade unions, or can support students' transition into certificate and degree programs at local colleges. No matter students' next steps after high school, CTE courses give students hands-on experience in a work-ready environment. 

CTE Course Offerings by Pathway

  • Agriscience

  • Animal Care

  • Design, Visual, and Media Arts - Visual/Commercial Art Sub-Pathway

  • Emergency Response

  • Food Science, Dietetics, and Nutrition

  • Game Design & Integration

  • Marketing

  • Ornamental Horticulture

  • Patient Care

  • Production and Managerial Arts

  • Public Safety

  • Residential and Commercial Construction

  • Software & Systems Development

  • Systems Diagnostics, Services, and Repair (Auto)

  • Welding & Materials Joining

Invest in the Future

  • Are you an industry leader looking for interns or a potential advisor for one of our CTE pathways? Contact Secondary Education at (707) 399-5131