• Sem Yeto High School

     "Ensuring High Levels of Learning for All Students"
    Our students will meet the challenge of becoming 21st Century learners by demonstrating the ability to communicate clearly, collaborate effectively, create authentically, and think critically. 
    Expected School Wide Learning Results:
    1. Communicate Clearly:
          Students will:
    • discern audience, purpose, and respond appropriately, verbally and in writing.
    • write at or above grade level in a variety of genres.
    • respond appropriately to texts and questions, verbally and in writing.
    2. Think Critically:
         Students will:
    • ask meaningful questions
    • synthesize, analyze, and evaluate data
    3. Collaborate Effectively:
          Students will:
    • contribute actively in groups
    • encourage the participation of others within groups
    4. Demonstrate Creativity:
          Students will:
    • listen to other people's ideas
    • share their own ideas
    • share and encourage others to share unique ideas, products, and processes across subject areas