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Sem Yeto High School

  •  Welcome to Sem Yeto High School

    Sem Yeto High School's main campus is located in the C and D wing portable classrooms on the Fairfield High School Campus.

     205 East Atlantic Avenue, Fairfield, CA 94533

     Main Office:  Counseling:
     (707) 400-5292  (707) 400-5301
     Room C-20  Room D-8
     Attendance:  Registrar:
     (707) 400-5293  (707) 400-5309
     Room C-20  Room D-8
     (707) 421-3232  

Sem Yeto Satellite



    Sem Yeto Satellite



    Sem Yeto Satellite's office is located in the Annex Building on the Armijo High School Campus, near the intersection of Carpenter and Clay Streets.

     824 Washington Street, Fairfield, CA 94533

     Main Office: Counseling:
     (707) 438-3478 (707) 438-3367
     Registrar: Fax: 
     (707) 438-3367 (707) 421-4234