• Attendance
    Cynthia Clogston 
    - Each student is allowed 10 days of illness without a Doctor's note. Once your student exceeds 10   
      days of absences via illness a Doctor's note is NEEDED in order to excuse the absence.
    - Vacations are NOT considered excused absences.
    - If your child will miss school for 5+ days please request Independent Study (this  request must be 
      submitted at least 2 school weeks prior to your leave date) (This process will excuse your   
    - Other reasons for excused absences are as follows:
    +   Funeral Service of Immediate Family Member: Mother, Father, Sibling, Grandparent,     
         Spouse, Child, In-law, or any other relative living in the home. 
        1 day- in state; 3 days- out of state
    +   Jury Duty
    +   Quarantine (Need Dr. Note)
    +   Religious Holiday, Ceremony or Retreat (not to exceed one day per semester)
    +   Court Appearance

    Please be advised that just because you call in to let us know why your child is missing school this does not automatically excuse their absence. We are legally only allowed to excuse an absence for specific reasons listed above.

    Speak to your child’s teacher if:

    • You think they’ve been mistakenly marked absent or late

    • Your child doesn’t want to go to school because he or she is struggling socially or academically

    • You have a family emergency that causes your child to miss school and you

    • would like to know how to make up the work


    Speak to the front office staff if:

    • You need to clear an absence or report an absence

    • Your child must be absent for a medical appointment or was too sick to be in school. Remember to always bring a copy of the doctor’s note to the school. 


    Absence or tardiness without proper prior authorization, or legitimate excuse, will cause the Cadet to receive a 0 credit on quizzes given during that time of the absence and a 0 credit on homework due during that time. If the Cadet is absent or misses a class session, the Cadet must understand that THEY (not the office) are responsible for the material covered in class during the absence. In some cases, the Cadet may be required to complete an assignment given by the Cadet Superintendent or staff.
    All Academy Cadets are expected to maintain regular attendance and to arrive at school on time. Academy Cadets are expected to attend every session in which they are enrolled.
    Academy funding is received from the California Department of Education based on positive attendance. Under State guidelines, all absences (excused or otherwise) are deemed to be absences in computing average daily attendance (ADA), and shall not provide State apportionment payments. In abiding by these strict guidelines, the Academy establishes the following attendance standards:
    • Cadets are expected to maintain regular attendance and be at school at the scheduled time. 
    • Parents/guardians must send a note to the school or telephone the school to excuse absences. A doctor’s note must be obtained when medical care has been provided.
    • All Cadets who are late must obtain tardy slips from the Academy office before going to class.
    • Three unexcused tardies of 30 minutes or more are equivalent to a day of truancy according to California State law.
    • Absences without a valid excuse for more than three days classifies a student as a truant according to California State law. Cadets who are truant will be reported to the School Attendance Review Board.