• Parent Education

    We believe that being an effective parent is one of the most rewarding and challenging tasks in life. Our courses provides a practical approach to raising your children. Fairfield-Suisun Adult School collaborates with several community agencies and businesses to provide a wide variety of parenting classes that meet the varied needs of parents. Our staff is dedicated and proud to provide parent education to the community.

    Welcome to Parenthood (Birth-6 months)

    The beginning of this journey is a precious period in your life that deserves your attention. Make time for you and your baby by attending this group. Get the support to make the transition into parenthood as smooth as possible. Learn skills to increase your confidence and make connections with other new parents. 

    Baby Steps (6-12 months)

    Imagine a place with a safe, inviting and relaxed atmosphere where you can meet other parents, build relationships, and find answers to your parenting questions. BABY STEPS is just such a place. Your little ones can play while you gain valuable support and learn helpful tips about raising your young child from other parents and from the caring, knowledgeable Parenting Educator. Play is your baby’s work and is essential for proper brain development.

    Parent Toddler Time (12-36 months)

    Parent and toddler attend this class together. The principles and skills in this class can help you feel more confident in your parenting role. Learn skills to increase your confidence and make connections with other new parents.

    Family Literacy (3–5 years old)

    This course is based on research that supports the importance of parental involvement in the literacy development of their children. The SPACE Program recognizes that parents are their child's first teachers and we believe that continuing literacy development in the home is vital. This parent/child literacy class links home to school and parent to child to teacher. It provides parents with opportunities to learn more about comprehensive literacy and to understand their role in helping their children to succeed.

    The Parent Project

    The tougher it gets to be a kid, the tougher it get to be a parent. The S.P.A.C.E. program in cooperation with the Fairfield Police Department present "The Parent Project". A parent training program specifically for parents with strong-willed, out of control children. Parents learn how they can best influence their child's choices through behavioral interventions that begin at home. For more information click HERE or call (707) 428-7673.
    P.E.A.C.E .  Parent Education and Custody Effectiveness
    Create an effective co-parenting relationship between divorcing and separating parents. Endorsed by local judicial and parenting advocates.  Please complete PEACE Intake form (Spanish form ) if registering by mail. Send in both registration form and intake form with payment.
    Parent Education Preschool  (3-5 years old) (Also offered bilingual in Spanish)
    Parents and toddlers attend this class together. The principles and skills in this class can help you feel more confident in your parenting skills. Increase your child's self-esteem and confidence, and support for yourself as a parent and as a person.
    Preschool Management 
    Community preschool teachers and daycare providers will learn to use resources and information more effectively, resulting in programs that are more structured, fun and beneficial for children birth to five years old. Professional Growth Credit Approved by Solano County Office of Education and recommended by Community Care Licensing.

    1-2-3 Magic for Educators

    Learn simple effective discipline strategies for Pre-K to Grade 8 students. Encourage good behavior, manage difficult behavior, and strengthen positive relationships with children.

    ONLINE Parent Education

    Fairfield-Suisun Adult School partners with Online Parent Class to offer online classes. Online Parent Class is a national leading provider of quality online parenting and co-parenting programs that has been often referred to as the gold standard for online parent education.

    Classes are offered that are ideal for court-ordered requirements as well as personal growth. You may register for the standard 4-hour classes as well as a 10- hour Advanced Parenting class. There is no need to miss time away from important obligations, as online classes are available 24 hours a day from any computer. Classes are also available in Spanish.

    You will be issued a Certificate of Completion, which you can submit to whoever is requesting it. The certificate of completion will state the hour and type of parenting class you completed.


    Register online at www.onlineparentclass.com/Online-Parenting-Class/California-Fairfield.aspx