• Señor Blum
    Spanish I II and III

     The greeting means, “Welcome students!” .  I am Seňor Blum, and I welcome you to either Spanish One  Two  Three or Four.  You are joining me on my eight year at Armijo.  I have been teaching Spanish for 17 years, and I love my job.  You might ask, “What is a teacher with the last name Blum doing teaching Spanish?”.  My father spoke five languages and taught Russian.  While he was in the Air Force, we traveled to many Spanish-speaking places.  In effect, I grew up speaking both languages.   I saw him teach, and I loved the vitality of his style.  When I first worked in radio as a broadcaster, I naturally felt the urge to teach.  Hopefully, my love for language, culture, and music will translate into a fun and productive course in Spanish.