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    (Dale) William Horton 
    Phone: (707) 438-3138
    Email: DaleH@fsusd.org 
    Subject: Special Education Vocational Education Math and Sciences

    Mr. Horton's Class Schedule:
    1st Period - 9th and 10th Grade Math
    2nd Period - Preparation Period
    3rd Period - 11th and 12th Grade Math
    4th Period - 11th and 12th Grade American Government
    5th period - 9th and 10th Grade Social Science
    6th Period - Consultation

    A little about me

    I have been a Special Education teacher for six years.  My career began at El Centro Elementary School in Napa where I taught 3rd - 5th grade students with moderate to severe disabilities.  I have been a member of the Staff at Fairfield High School for 4 years.  I am a former Hospitality Business Manager; I was an Area Supervisor for El Torito Restaurants Inc. for 21 years prior to returning to College at Sonoma State University and earning a Special Education Teaching credential.  

    Fairfield High School is the best!  We are a No Excuses University (NEU) High School. NEU emphasizes the creation of a "Culture of Universal Achievement" where the Staff and students alike understand and practice, "All students can learn."  As a Staff, our job is to provide our students with a 21st Century learning environment.  In my Math and Social Science classroom our students understand and practice the philosophy that,"There are no wrong answers, only better ones!" 

     The Vocational Education Program at Fairfield High School offers a Certificate of Completion Graduation; our curriculum has been modified from the General Education curriculum to provide your student with a Common Core State Standards based education that emphasizes the real life academic, independent living, and employment skills that your student will utilize in their future.  

     In all vocations/occupations, as well as at school, there are expectations.  The classroom expectations are the same as those of the workforce.   We expect our student to:

    ·          Be seated and ready to begin with necessary materials when the bell rings.

    ·          Do their best work always.

    ·          Respect all opinions.

    ·          Follow all school policies concerning name tags, being dressed for success, eating, personal grooming, cellular telephones, MP3 players,etc.    

    Further, in school as inthe workplace, there are negative behavior consequences: 

    ·           Verbal warning and redirection.

    ·           Offering of structured choices.

    ·           A student-teacher conference outside of the learning environment.

    ·           And if no resolution is found or the student is directly disrespectful: a visit to the Student  Management Office (SMO) for specific discipline. 

    My teaching philosophy is rooted in the premise that, If I tell you, you will try to remember; If I show you, you will try not to forget; and If I do it with you, you will always know how.  Further, I believe that each student must take responsibility for his/her education. In essence, each student is responsible for having the necessary materials for each class and each student is responsible for the course material covered in each class.