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    Tina Brucia
    Room: 28
    Email: tinab@fsusd.org 
    Grade Level/Subject: Physical EducationWe love PE

     Course Description and Program Goals

    B. Gale Wilson Physical Education classes are designed to help students understand, value, and experience the importance of physical activity for their health, well being, and self-esteem.

    As an integral part of the school's curriculum, the Physical Education program strives to offer activities in which all students can develop skills through physical, social, emotional and mental interactions and activities.


    1)       to promote physical fitness and stress the positive relationship between physical activity and health.

    2)       Demonstrate the skills and knowledge necessary to participate in a variety of physical activities.

    3)       To develop interpersonal skills and exhibit positive character traits during physical activity.


    The Physical Education program at B. Gale Middle School exposes students to a wide variety of activities. These activities focus on individual/team skills and concepts along with an emphasis on physical fitness and personal wellness. In conjunction with class units, we use portfolios and writing prompts for writing across the curriculum.


    State framework Standards:   www.cde.ca.gov › Curriculum & InstructionPhysical Education


     Enduring Understandings:

    * Participate in a variety of lifelong physical activities

    * Demonstrate competence in basic locomotor, nonlocomotor and manipulative skills

    * Use physical activity as a means of self expression and a positive opportunity for social and group interaction

    * Analyze personal health needs to determine health strengths and risks

    * Demonstrate an understanding for maintaining a healthy lifestyle promoting individual wellness

    * Recognize and understand the different effects of physical activity on one’s mind and body


                40% - quizzes, tests, portfolios, skill assessments

                60% - Participation – Daily Point Breakdown

    -          1 point each day for warm-ups (including written work)

    -          2 points maximum can be earned for students actively engaged during class

    -          2 points maximum can be earned for students who complete their aerobic activity

    ** A maximum of 5 points can be earned for each class period**


    ·       Medically Excused – students that are medically excused from participating from class will be given an alternate assignment.  These students will be given credit based on completion of the assignments.

    ·       Unexcused absence – students that cannot participate in class will be required to complete an alternate writing assignment. These students may receive their full 5 points for that class period.

    ·       Absence From School- students absent from school must complete a writing assignment for each class missed in order to receive class credit.  For an absence of 3 or more days, make up work will be expected.  This is on page 8 of their Portfolios.



    Work Hard....Play Hard !!

     Classroom Rules:

    1.      Treat Classmates, Teachers and Equipment with respect.

    2.      Accept responsibility for your behavior.

    Safety Rules:

    1.   Be in class on time on your number.

    2.      Gum chewing is prohibited.

    3.      Proper clothing is to be worn for class.

    4.      Students are not allowed to touch any equipment, unless given permission from the teacher.

    5.      Students should sit in their designated area when entering the gym.